The 3 Best Custom Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Insuring a custom motorcycle can be difficult because not all insurance companies offer this type of coverage. Custom bikes are generally more expensive than the average bike and it can be hard to place a value on them. When choosing a custom motorcycle insurance provider, it is important to consider the amount of coverage that is available to you to ensure that it is enough to cover your losses in the event of an accident. Discounts are an important factor as they can really help bring down your insurance rates. And then there’s claims management, which is obviously going to be important for any type of motorcycle insurance.

Allstate offers some of the best motorcycle insurance around, so it’s no wonder that they also offer excellent custom motorcycle insurance. In addition to the standard liability coverage, you can get physical damage coverage for your custom bike, so that it will be protected from all sorts of accidents. Allstate also has a wide variety of discounts available, making it easy to save money on your custom motorcycle insurance policy. Remaining claim-free, paying in full, and insuring multiple motorcycles are just a few ways to earn discounts. If the worst happens and you do get into an accident, you can contact Allstate’s 24-hour claims center and they will be able to help you restore your custom motorcycle to exactly the way it was before your accident. Allstate also offers a Genuine Parts Guarantee, so you can be sure that your bike will be fixed with quality replacement parts, instead of whatever is cheapest for your insurance provider.

Progressive comes in second place for the best custom motorcycle insurance. They allow you to insure your custom bike for up to $50,000 in Agreed Value coverage. This means that if your bike is damaged in an accident, you will be paid for the agreed upon value of your motorcycle, up to this amount. Filing a claim with Progressive is easy. You can contact a local agent, fill out the online form, use their mobile app, or call the 24-hour claims center. In the event of a total loss, Progressive does not require you to pay your deductible, so you can put that money toward purchasing a new bike. Although Progressive’s discounts aren’t as stellar as some other companies in the industry, they still offer you several ways to save, including a multi-policy discount and responsible driver discounts. These discounts will be especially appreciated when insuring a custom bike, as these types of motorcycles are usually pretty expensive.

Nationwide Insurance rounds out the list of the best custom motorcycle insurance providers thanks to their solid coverage options and excellent discounts. They offer up to $50,000 of coverage for custom motorcycles and trikes, which should go a long way if you happen to damage your bike in an accident. You can save money on your Nationwide motorcycle insurance policy in a number of ways, including by taking a safety course and installing anti-theft devices on your motorcycle. Big discounts are available to those who insure multiple vehicles through Nationwide. Bundling your cars or other recreational vehicles with your motorcycle insurance is worth up to 35% off your premium. Like the other companies on this list, Nationwide also operates a 24/7 claims center, so you can be sure that they will always be available to help you whenever you need them.