Dairyland Insurance Review

Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance offers easily customizable coverage for all types of bikes with several optional add-ons available for those looking for a little extra protection. Few ways to save could make their policies less attractive to cost-conscious shoppers, however.

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The Good

Customize your policy coverage

Once you enter in basic information about yourself and your bike in Dairyland Insurance’s quote tool, you have the option to select what types of coverage you’re interested in and how much coverage you’d like. There are several choices available for each, so you’ll likely be able to design a policy that has what you’re looking for, whether it’s basic or comprehensive. You’re also able to add on extras like roadside assistance and medical expense coverage. You can then view your quote and the payment schedules available to you. At any time during the quote process, you can always go back and adjust your coverage or change your information if you need to ensure you get the most accurate quote possible.

Repairs with genuine replacement parts

If you opt to add Physical Damage Plus coverage to your Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance policy, your bike is repaired with original equipment manufacturer parts if it ever gets damaged. This coverage costs extra, but it isn’t something you find with all motorcycle insurers. Sometimes traditional replacement parts are not as well made as the original manufacturer parts and may wear out faster. By going with the original equipment manufacturer parts, you’re receiving high-quality replacement pieces that withstand more wear and tear and last longer.

Easy to manage payments online

Through your Dairyland Insurance online account, you can view your payment history and set up an automatic payment schedule. Unlike most other motorcycle insurance companies, however, Dairyland Insurance doesn’t require you to have an account with them in order to pay online. All you need is your policy number and a zip code and you’re directed to a page where you can enter in your payment details. The whole process can be completed within a matter of minutes. You can also set up an Electronic Funds Withdrawal without logging in. Just list your account information and indicate whether you’d like the full amount taken out at once or whether you’d rather pay monthly. In addition, you can also pay by mail or over the phone if that’s more convenient for you.

The Bad

No way to file claims online

You must call Dairyland Insurance’s claims representatives in order to get the ball rolling on your motorcycle insurance claim because there is no way to initiate the process online. However, while it’d be nice to see them make online claim filing possible, their representatives are available 24/7 so they can get started on your claim whenever you call. This way, you’re also able to get any questions you have answered and make sure you haven’t left out any important information in your claim.

Few ways to earn discounts

Dairyland Insurance does offer you a few ways to save, including multi-motorcycle and organization discounts, but this is extremely limited when compared to the discounts offered by companies like Allstate. Remaining claim-free doesn’t earn you any extra savings nor does making your payments on time. Certain other discounts are only available in select states. If you were hoping to take advantage of these savings, look around at some other options. However, Dairyland Insurance still has quite a bit to offer motorcyclists, so it’s still worth getting a quote from them to see how they compare.

Can't make policy changes online

Although you can view policy documents and payment information from your online account, you have to contact one of Dairyland Insurance’s representatives by phone if you need to make any changes. Many other companies enable you to add a driver or replace a motorcycle without contacting the company, which is a much more efficient and convenient way of updating policy information for most people. However, support representatives are available six days per week and can make any changes relatively quickly, so this shouldn’t be too big of an issue in the larger scheme of things.

Provider Details

  • A.M. Best FSR Rating: A+
  • A.M. Best ICR Rating: aa-
  • Moody's Rating: N/A
  • Standard & Poor's Rating: BBB

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