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Progressive Review

Progressive motorcycle insurance is some of the best in the industry, offering solid coverage for every type of motorcycle and loyalty rewards to devoted customers.

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The Good

Insures classic and custom motorcycles

Progressive motorcycle insurance offers coverage for all types of motorcycles, including vintage and custom motorcycles, and trikes. This is great news if you are looking to insure one of these types of bikes since not all motorcycle insurance providers cover them. This is largely because the replacement cost for a custom or classic motorcycle is usually significantly higher than that of a standard bike. When you insure your motorcycle, you can also set an agreed-upon value for it, which is another nice option for a custom or classic bike owner to have, because it ensures that you receive payment for the total value of your motorcycle if it should ever be totaled in an accident.

Getting a quote is easy

To get your Progressive motorcycle insurance quote, all it takes is a few minutes and a little information about your motorcycle, yourself, and the coverage you are looking for. Then you can get your rate. Throughout the process, the discounts you are eligible for are shown on the page and automatically applied to your quote. You can also speak to a Progressive motorcycle insurance representative at any time if you have questions about your quote or the available coverage options.

Very helpful if your bike breaks down

If your bike breaks down, you can count on Progressive to be there for you every step of the way, from providing roadside assistance to paying for the towing and repair costs. If your motorcycle gets stuck, gets a flat, or breaks down, you can contact Progressive and they will pay to have it towed to a repair facility. If your bike has to stay in the shop for a while, just pick up a rental car and Progressive will reimburse you for the cost. It doesn’t matter how far you are from home because Progressive motorcycle insurance also offers Trip Interruption Coverage, which pays for food, travel, and lodging expenses if the breakdown occurs over 100 miles from your home.

Loyalty Rewards

Progressive offers you Loyalty Rewards for insuring your motorcycle through them, and the longer you stay with Progressive, the more rewards you earn. You get a few rewards just for signing up, like up to $3,000 of accessory coverage and a responsible driver discount if you haven’t had an accident recently. You also get Small Accident Forgiveness, which means that if you get in a minor accident, your rates don’t go up. That can turn into Large Accident Forgiveness if you have your Progressive motorcycle insurance for five years and don’t have an accident. Additionally, when you go to renew your policy each year, you can earn another discount if you didn’t have any accidents within that last year.

The Bad

Missing a few discounts

Although Progressive does offer a fair amount of discounts to their customers, they are missing a few of the most common, including multiple motorcycle discounts. Almost every other major motorcycle insurance provider offers this type of discount, and it usually adds up to some pretty significant savings. There are also no discounts available for transferring your motorcycle insurance policy from another provider to Progressive or for belonging to an affiliated motorcycle organization. That being said, Progressive still offers you plenty of ways to save, including discounts for remaining claim-free, paying in full, and taking a safety course.