The 2 Best Online Accounting Degree Programs

In a search for the best online accounting degree programs, it’s important to seek out schools that offer a broad selection of courses across different areas of accounting. Financial and managerial accounting, tax accounting, and auditing are key course topics to look for. So are specialty courses in areas like accounting information systems, international accounting, and accounting for nonprofit organizations. Choosing an online accounting degree that offers a deep selection of courses enables you to build a strong foundation in the theory and practice of basic business accounting, while also giving you the chance to pursue special skills that align with your career goals. A good course catalog is also important to students who want to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination after graduation. To take the CPA exam, you must complete a bachelor’s program that includes 24 credits in upper division accounting courses and at least 24 additional credits in specialty accounting topics, business law, and other related business courses.

The Bellevue University online accounting degree program rises above most other online accounting degrees primarily due to its extensive course offerings, which cover virtually every accounting topic found at the bachelor’s level. The program also includes substantial training in essential business subjects, from management and marketing to finance and strategy. As a Bellevue accounting student, you’ll learn all the professional skills you need to get started in accounting, and you’ll get the chance to choose advanced skills-building courses to help you meet your specific career goals. What’s more, the program is designed to meet all eligibility requirements for the CPA examination in the state of Nebraska, which match or exceed eligibility requirements for most other U.S. states. If you’re planning to transition immediately into an online MBA program after your bachelor’s, the Bellevue University accounting degree online program combines some undergraduate and graduate course requirements. In this so-called “4 + 1” program, you can complete both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA degree in a total of five years instead of six. With so many great options for professional development and skills building, it’s easy to see why Bellevue University offers one of the best online accounting programs in the nation.

The Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global Campus) online accounting degree program provides broad training in standard accounting practices, preparing students for immediate careers in the accounting field. As a CSU-Global Campus accounting degree online student, you also have access to specialized courses in nonprofit accounting, international accounting, and other advanced accounting subjects. While the course list is not quite as extensive as Bellevue University’s, the CSU-Global Campus accounting program provides all the courses you need to qualify for the CPA examination in most states. Unlike other online accounting degree programs, you’ll also be able to complete a degree specialization in one of 20 different subjects. This optional program, which you can complete alongside your accounting requirements, represents a great opportunity to build the skills you need to fulfill your special career goals. Available topics include entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, information technology, and data analysis, among many others.