The 5 Best Online Business Administration Degree Programs

Some online business administration degree programs are designed to provide broad training in managerial skills that includes courses across many different business disciplines, from accounting and finance to human resources and marketing. Other programs offer the opportunity to specialize in a single business discipline while developing the managerial skills you need to excel in a leadership position. Thinking through your career goals and understanding your own business interests and strength areas is the key to selecting the best online business administration degree from among the strongest programs. Whether you’re looking for broad-based or specialized training, you’re sure to find an excellent academic fit among the online business administration degrees that follow.

Brandman University stands out among the best online business administration degree programs primarily due to its extensive selection of concentration options. After completing your core business administration courses, you can choose from 10 areas of emphasis, including human resources, supply chain systems, accounting, finance, organizational communication, and information systems management, among other options. Brandman University also offers a general business option if you’re looking to take courses across different specialty areas. This kind of flexibility is especially valuable if you haven’t yet decided which area of business interests you the most, since you’ll be able to delay your decision until you’ve first taken a number of foundational business courses.

The Bellevue University online business administration degree program is a great option if you want to specialize in human resources management, finance, or marketing, or if you’re looking for a program with a solid general business curriculum. As a Bellevue student, you start by taking 13 foundational skills-building courses that cover all the major areas of business and management. Then you decide on a focus area and start building the specialized practical skills that employers look for in managers. One big advantage that Bellevue University offers over other schools is its extensive selection of business courses, which support more than a dozen different business bachelor’s degrees. If you’re looking to pursue a general business curriculum within the business administration program, the deep selection of courses means you can design a very unique course plan to develop the specific knowledge and skills you want. Bellevue University also ranks as one of the most affordable online business administration degrees available.

The St. John’s University administrative studies program is a first-rate option for students who want to build general managerial skills that can be applied across different business industries, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. While this program does include courses in foundational business subjects, it places special emphasis on building analytical problem-solving skills, interpersonal communication skills, and workplace-technology skills, all areas of vital importance for managers. Students are also required to complete a six-course sequence in human relations that focuses on workplace behavior and group dynamics. This is one of the best online business administration degree programs for students who want to focus more on organizational leadership skills and less on the details of accounting and finance principles.

The University of La Verne is home to two excellent administration programs that focus on business and public sector management skills, respectively. The online business administration degree provides broad training in business, much like the other programs in this list. The public administration degree, on the other hand, is pretty unique among the top business administration degree online programs. As a public administration student, you study the special administrative processes and procedures common to public agencies and governmental organizations. You also focus closely on communication and leadership skills and spend less time covering business topics like accounting and finance. If you’re interested in pursuing graduate studies in public administration, there’s also a special academic track that includes fewer courses designed to build practical skills for the workplace.

Lawrence Technological University is home to yet another top-quality business administration degree online, this one specially designed for students who’ve already completed a two-year associate’s degree or the equivalent. This program offers broad training in business and management skills, designed to enable students to work in many different business industries. As a degree-completion student, you make your way through a predetermined curriculum, which includes courses in management and business strategy, in addition to general skills-building courses in accounting, economics, marketing, and information technology.