The 5 Best Online Business Degree Programs

The best online business degree programs provide a solid foundation in business principles and leadership techniques, preparing you for entry-level management positions at businesses of all kinds. Most programs offer students the chance to specialize in one of several business areas, including accounting, finance, or marketing, which is essential training for a managerial position within a business department. Although many online business degrees are designed specifically for students who have already completed an associate’s degree, there are also options for those who want to complete all four years online. Whether you’re looking to start a new business career or to advance in your current career, any of the best online business degree programs listed below should deliver the training you need to succeed.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus is home to a four-year online business degree program designed to provide you with broad business training as well as specialized skills within a narrow area of focus. After completing your core business courses and general education requirements, you can concentrate in accounting, financial services, or management and marketing. Alternatively, you can work with an academic advisor to create a program of study that better matches your specific career goals. This individualized option allows you to combine courses from the three standard focus areas with courses in business logistics, economics, business law, and, in some cases, non-business courses.

If you already hold an associate’s degree, Bellevue University offers perhaps the best general-focus business degree online. This is a two-year cohort program, which means you complete most of the courses in the curriculum with the same group of classmates. Working with the same classmates from course to course helps develop effective communication and collaboration skills. For some students, it also enhances the overall online education experience. As this online business degree utilizes a cohort model, you must follow a predefined course curriculum designed to develop a variety of important professional skills in management, finance, logistics, accounting, and other topics.

Pace University offers one of the best online business degree programs for students interested in either business communication or accounting and internal auditing. This online business degree completion program requires you to complete core courses in essential business topics, such as management, accounting, marketing, and business strategy. You’ll also take six or seven specialized courses in your area of focus to develop the practical skills you need to land a job after graduation. According to a recent survey of online bachelor’s programs by , Pace University is home to the top-rated online bachelor’s degree programs in the country.

Regent University offers a very good four-year business degree online, which includes both general business training and specialized courses in one of five focus areas. As a Regent student, you can choose to concentrate your studies in general management, accounting, human resources management, marketing, or hospitality management. Regent University’s online business course list is extensive, enabling you to select courses that closely match your interests and career goals. As a Christian university, Regent emphasizes Biblical principles in all of its courses and requires students to complete at least five special courses in Biblical studies to satisfy general education requirements.

Last but certainly not least among the best online business degrees, Westfield State University’s degree completion program enables you to focus your studies on the areas of management, marketing, or finance. In addition to these concentrations, all students take courses in general business topics, including finance, business law, international business, and management information systems. Westfield State University ranks among the most affordable online business degree programs in the country. Note that the program is specifically designed for students who have completed an associate’s degree at a Massachusetts community college. Associate’s degrees from other states are accepted, but, if you have one, it’s important to contact an admissions adviser to make sure you meet all prerequisite requirements before settling on the program.