The 5 Best Online Communications Degree Programs

As you look for the best online communications degree programs, you’ll soon understand that although many programs share similar characteristics and offer many of the same courses, few of them provide exactly the same training focus. Some programs are designed to provide students with general oral and written communication skills as part of a liberal arts education. Other programs are designed to prepare students to excel in public relations, marketing, or corporate communication careers. Still other programs utilize communications theory and practice to help develop leadership and managerial skills. With so much variety among online communications degrees, it’s important to identify your career goals before choosing which of the online communications degree programs is the best option for you.

The Colorado State University-Global Campus online communications degree is designed for students who want to combine focused training in strategic communication and critical thinking skills with a professional specialization in one of 21 fields. Specialization options include such varied subjects as project management, IT operations, professional sales, healthcare management, and entrepreneurship. As a communications degree online student at Colorado State University-Global Campus, you’ll study interpersonal and organizational communication theory and learn the practical skills to communicate effectively in virtually any situation and in front of virtually any audience. This is a degree-completion program designed primarily for students who want to develop their skills in preparation for a move into a leadership or management role.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus offers a flexible online communications degree designed for students who want to develop broad communication skills that will serve them in a wide variety of future occupations. As a student in the letters, arts, and sciences degree program, you’ll partner with an academic adviser to create a multidisciplinary program of study that allows you to explore and build on your own personal interests. As you continue through the program, you’ll focus on developing practical skills in several important areas, including communications, academic research, and critical thinking and analysis. This online communications degree serves as good preparation for a professional degree program at the graduate level, such as a law degree or an MBA degree, among many other possibilities.

Bellevue University’s professional communication studies program is one of the best online communications degree options for students who want to develop professional job skills. Graduates of this program go on to work as public relations specialists, public information officers, corporate trainers, human resources specialists, and other occupations that require strong communication and critical thinking skills. This degree requires you to complete several specialized course clusters on communications topics. Cluster topics include practical communication skills, professional communication, corporate communication, and communication in diverse social contexts. You can also choose to complete the degree with a special emphasis in mass media communications, which provides you with practical training in public relations skills.

Regent University offers a great communications degree online that gives you the opportunity to concentrate in rhetoric and public culture, in strategic communication, or in theatre. As a student in the program, you’ll begin with foundational courses in communication theory, interpersonal communication skills, and modern communication practices. If you choose the rhetoric concentration, you’ll focus on persuasion and criticism. The strategic communication concentration focuses on the skills you need to develop and produce information campaigns for businesses, organizations, and individuals. In the theatre concentration, students study theatre history and analyze plays. You can also combine one of these concentrations with a minor in one of more than 18 subjects, including business, leadership, theology, and international relations.

Last but not least among the best online communications degrees, Pace University offers an excellent degree-completion program for students who have finished an associate’s degree or who have about two years of credits from a four-year university. This program focuses on building the skills that working adults need to communicate more effectively on the job and thereby advance in their careers. As a student in this online communications degree program, you’ll complete 10 required courses in organizational communication topics, which focus on the theory behind effective communications and the practical skills you need to communicate in a wide range of professional contexts. Pace University’s online bachelor’s degrees have a very good reputation nationally, and were recently named to the top spot in the online bachelor’s program rankings.