The 2 Best Online History Degree Programs

The best online history degree programs offer students much more than a survey of historical events and a deeper understanding of what made the modern world what it is today. Students also develop essential skills in critical thinking, analytical problem-solving, research, data evaluation, and oral and written communication. When you’re searching for online history degrees that might work for you, it’s important to take a comprehensive view of the programs you discover. First, look for online history degree programs that offer a wide selection of courses in the area of history that you wish to study. Then, look for a strong selection of skills-based courses that provide focused instruction in historical research and analysis methods, and in academic writing. Each of the history programs below excels in both of these areas.

Regent University is home to one of the very best online history degree programs. Whether your historical interests lie in ancient history, medieval and European history, American history, or non-Western history, you’ll find a deep selection of courses that cover essential undergraduate topics in each area. This online history degree also offers you the opportunity to design several of your own independent study courses under the supervision of a faculty member. This option allows you to dig deeper into some of your special interests while developing your independent research skills and critical thinking abilities at the same time. On the topic of research, all online students at Regent University get full access to Regent library databases, online academic journals, and e-book collections. You can even check out general circulation books for delivery to your home address. Regent University is a Christian institution and their history degree curriculum includes a handful of required courses in Biblical studies, Christian history, and Christian leadership.

The Westfield State University online history degree program ranks as one of the most affordable bachelor’s programs on a cost-per-credit basis. Like other online history degrees, this program offers a strong selection of courses in American history and medieval and European history. However, Westfield State University really stands out when it comes to non-Western history. Courses in Middle Eastern history, Latin American history, and African history are especially well represented. If you’re interested in these historical areas, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another online history degree that compares to the Westfield State University program. However, it’s important to understand that this is a degree-completion program designed specifically for students who have completed an associate’s degree or at least two years of credits from a four-year college or university. While the program is set up to serve associate’s degree graduates from the Massachusetts community college system, any student in the country who has completed the appropriate credits is eligible to enroll in this online history degree program.