The 5 Best Online IT Degree Program

The best online IT degree programs together offer more than a dozen concentration options. Most degree specializations can be organized into one of several broad categories, including information systems and networking, IT management, and cybersecurity. Although many online IT degree programs offer solid study options in one or even two of these categories, only one of the top schools offers a nearly comprehensive selection of online IT degrees to choose from. So, if you haven’t yet settled on just one area of study, it’s important to do some serious thinking on the topic. Once you’re confident in your interests, you’ll be ready to choose a program that excels in that area. Regardless of which IT discipline most suits your career goals, you’re sure to find a good fit among the best online IT degree programs listed below.

Bellevue University stands out among the best online IT degree programs for its superb selection of IT concentrations. Choose from nearly 10 different degree programs, including options in IT management, cybersecurity, and IT operations, in addition to degrees in software development and web development. Each of these majors includes at least 10 core courses that teach the fundamental skills of the profession. You then have the chance to develop specialized skills according to your interests. Many degree programs offer dozens of elective courses to choose from. The cybersecurity program, for example, offers electives in cryptography, national security, and healthcare security, among a variety of other options. While Bellevue University is a great choice for all types of students interested in an IT degree online, the school makes an especially good option if you’re looking for a program with a lot of flexibility in degree subjects and elective courses.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus offers two top-quality online IT degree options for students interested in either technical IT studies or cybersecurity. The technical information sciences program is designed to prepare you for careers in such areas as information systems design, network administration, or application and web design. The degree offers an optional program called Integration and Application, which prepares students to work in technology support services to help an organization integrate information technology into daily business functions. Alternatively, the information and cybersecurity degree program focuses specifically on information system security and risk analysis, risk reduction, and cyber-forensics. This program is as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and a Center of Academic Excellence for the Intelligence Community.

Colorado State University-Global Campus is a very strong option for students who want broad-based training in IT hardware and software administration skills. Alongside IT administration, all IT students have the option of taking an additional 15-credit degree specialization in one of more than 20 subjects. Choose from IT specialties such as cybersecurity, data management and analysis, healthcare informatics, and project management, in addition to business and communications topics. As a graduate of this online IT degree program, you’ll also be equipped to take a variety of CompTIA and Microsoft professional certification exams, which enables you to enhance your resume in preparation for your first professional position. Colorado State University-Global Campus is not only one of the best professional IT training schools, but it’s also one of the most affordable among all the best online IT degree programs in the country.

The Lawrence Technological University IT degree program is a great choice for students who already have an associate’s degree in IT or a closely related subject, and wish to develop the technical skills to advance in a professional IT career. Students pursuing this IT degree online can choose from three different degree concentrations, including IT infrastructure, software applications, and systems design. The IT infrastructure option provides training in the installation and maintenance of network hardware and software. As a software applications student, you’ll learn how to develop and modify software applications to serve internal organizational functions or to provide web-based tools to external users. Systems design students learn how to plan, build, maintain, and modify IT software systems.

Pace University is home to another one of the best online IT degrees designed for associate’s degree graduates. This program focuses on cybersecurity, making it an excellent alternative to the degree completion programs available at Lawrence Technological University. As a Pace University student, you take a year of courses in foundational IT topics, including computer systems, network technology, database management, and web development. In the second year, the program narrows its focus to computer security and digital forensics courses. Although prior coursework in computing and IT subjects is recommended, you can enter this program with an associate’s degree in virtually any subject. The recently ranked Pace University’s online bachelor’s degree programs as the best in the nation.