The 3 Best Online Marketing Degree Programs

The best online marketing degree programs prepare students for the development and execution of business and product marketing plans. As an online marketing student, you take courses in market research, consumer behavior, advertising, brand management, and other essential marketing topics. However, your studies include much more than marketing courses. The best online marketing degree programs also provide foundational training in business principles and management practices, much like standard business programs do. By choosing an online marketing degree that provides this kind of broad training, you’ll be well prepared for an entry-level marketing career in all kinds of industries and in businesses large and small. You’ll also be well-positioned for advancement thanks to your managerial training.

If you’re looking to develop leadership and managerial skills while you build your marketing knowledge, Pennsylvania State University-World Campus is one of the best online marketing degree programs in the country. As a business student in the management and marketing program, you learn the analytical skills you need to evaluate market data, develop sound marketing plans, and evaluate the success of those plans. You also develop the leadership skills to oversee the execution of your plans and to make strategic adjustments in response to market or product changes. This online marketing degree is an especially good option if you plan to start or work for a small business, since you receive such broad general training across numerous business disciplines.

The Bellevue University online marketing management program is designed for students who have an associate’s degree or who have completed about 60 credits from an accredited college or university. Like the other online marketing degrees listed here, this program combines marketing and management courses to produce graduates with a thorough understanding of marketing techniques and strong leadership and communication skills. Unlike the other options, this online marketing degree program utilizes the cohort educational model, which means you share all of your courses with the same online classmates as you progress through the predetermined curriculum. This model was chosen to emphasize communication and collaboration skills, and to encourage the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an interactive group environment.

Colorado State University-Global Campus is home to yet another quality marketing degree online. Students can choose to combine courses in marketing with training in management, communication, healthcare administration, or one of several other business disciplines. The program includes five upper-division marketing courses, which is fewer than the other online marketing degrees on this list. That said, these upper-division courses are designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in the basic theoretical principles and practical working methods used in the field. Colorado State University-Global Campus programs are designed for degree-completion students who have some prior college credit to transfer into the program.