The 4 Best Online Psychology Degree Programs

If you’re looking to study psychology to prepare for further academic or professional training in psychology, business, law, medicine, or virtually any other discipline, you can find a solid psychology degree online. If you’re looking to study psychology to build a solid foundation for an entry-level career in human resources, social services work, or another profession, you’ll also be able to find several great online psychology degree programs to choose from. Regardless of your educational or career goals, the best online psychology degree programs offer both the quality and the course selection you need to get ahead.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus (PSU-World Campus) is home to one of the very best online psychology degree programs in the country. PSU-World Campus offers two specialized degree options to choose from: a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts. Both online psychology degrees offer broad training in foundational psychology topics. However, the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program offers a special focus on the intersection of psychology and business, while the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program provides additional courses in the social sciences that help students prepare for graduate work in psychology or a related field. As a PSU-World Campus student, you can also become a member of the first fully online psychology student group in the world, the , which is a great way to network with other PSU-World Campus students.

Brandman University offers another top-quality online psychology degree, which is designed to provide broad training in psychological principles and research methods. This program emphasizes the application of psychological theory to real-world situations and problems by encouraging online students to participate in independent research and fieldwork projects. As a Brandman psychology student, you’ll also be able to choose from a wide variety of elective courses in psychology and related subjects, allowing you to build knowledge and skills that align with your personal and professional goals. To be admitted to this online psychology degree program, you must have at least 12 transferable credits from an accredited college or university.

If you already have an associate’s degree in any subject, Westfield State University offers a quality degree completion program that ranks among the most affordable online psychology degrees in the country. As a student in this program, you’ll be able to work with a faculty adviser to create a course of study that matches your educational and career goals. While all students must take foundational courses in psychology, research methods, and other key subjects, you have the chance to apply your psychology training in business and social science courses. It’s important to understand that this degree completion program is specifically designed for graduates of the Massachusetts community college system. You can be accepted to the program if you have an associate’s degree from another state, but be sure to speak to an admissions adviser to make sure your coursework meets all admissions requirements before committing to this psychology degree online.

The Regent University online psychology degree program is a great choice for students who are interested in a to the field. As a Regent University student, you’ll study psychological theory and methodology, and you’ll have the chance to select from elective courses in all common areas of the field, from developmental psychology to industrial psychology. Unique among the programs in this list, Regent University offers a special area of emphasis in substance abuse treatment. If you choose to pursue this specialty, you’ll study addiction disorders and learn about addiction counseling, treatment planning, and case management, among other related topics.