St. John's University Review

St. John's University is a private Catholic school with a terrific reputation and top-quality student services. It also rates as one of the most expensive online schools around.

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The Good

A top-tier program:

In the latest assessment of online bachelor’s degrees by U.S. News & World Report, St. John’s University ranks just outside the top ten programs in the nation. This is quite impressive considering that more than 200 schools are included in the study. Among the U.S. News & World Report findings, St. John’s stands out for its high ranking in both the student engagement category and the student services and technology category, both important factors for you to consider when evaluating online programs.

Highly rated online faculty:

U.S. News & World Report also places the St. John’s University online faculty among the best in the nation. The magazine arrived at this conclusion based on a study of faculty credentials and the amount of training faculty members receive prior to teaching distance education courses. Unlike some other online programs, all St. John’s online courses are taught by the very same instructors who teach the courses on campus. As an online student at St. John’s, you can expect to be taught by subject experts who have substantial training in the best teaching practices for online education.

Comprehensive student support services:

St. John’s also excels when it comes to supporting their online students. The campus career center, financial aid office, registrar, and technical support desk all provide services to online students by email and telephone, offering support during the same office hours available to students on campus. The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations with online students via real-time chat and provides next-day advice on papers assigned for online classes. Even the St. John’s Wellness Center offers online health and wellness screenings and other helpful resources. While many top online programs offer good services for online students, it’s easy to see why St. John’s University rates among the best in the country on this count.

Easy, free application process:

St. John’s University’s online application tool is both easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. You need to have your past academic records on hand, as well as your SAT or ACT test scores. If you choose, you can also upload an optional personal statement or essay. Be sure to create a username and password before beginning the application process so you can save your work if needed and return to finish it later. Finally, all application fees are waived for online students. Most colleges charge an application fee of around $50, which can really add up if you’re applying to multiple schools.

The Bad

High tuition:

Although St. John’s University has a lot to recommend it, it falls pretty far behind other top online bachelor’s programs when it comes to affordability. Tuition rates at St. John’s are over $1,200 per credit — between two times and five times the cost of most other top online bachelor’s programs. If cost is a significant factor in your search for an online program, St. John’s is probably not going to fit into your plans. However, if you’re willing to pay, you get access to a very fine online program.

Only three degree choices:

St. John’s University offers just a few online degree subjects, which is sure to limit the amount of interest in the school from online students. St. John’s is a great choice if you want to pursue a degree in criminal justice or administrative studies, or if you want a broad-based education that culminates in a general liberal studies degree. If you’re looking to study any other subject, however, you need to consider other schools.

The Details

General Information

  • Academic Year Founded: 2005 - 2006
  • Application Deadline: Rolling
  • Application Fee: $50
  • Application Requirements: Transcript, Test Scores
  • Location: NY
  • Number of Bachelor's Programs: 3
  • Region: Northeast
  • School Type: Private
  • Term Schedule: Semester

Tuition Rates (Per Credit)

  • In-State: $1,215
  • Out-of-State: $1,215


  • Degrees: Liberal Studies, Administrative Studies, Criminal Justice

Class Profile

  • Acceptance Rate: 63%
  • Average Student Age: 35
  • Gender Ratio: 60% female, 40% male
  • Maximum Class Size: 25
  • Total Enrollment: 35


  • Average Online Teaching Experience: 2 Years
  • Full-Time Instructional Faculty: 121
  • Part-Time Instructional Faculty: 72

Graduation and Retention Rates

  • 1 Year New Student Retention Rate (2010): 58%
  • 1 Year New Student Retention Rate (2011): 44%
  • 1 Year New Student Retention Rate (2012): 86%
  • 1 Year New Student Retention Rate (2013): 64%
  • 3 Year Graduation Rate (2009-2010): 14%
  • 3 Year Graduation Rate (2010-2011): 50%
  • 3 Year Graduation Rate (2011-2012): 8%
  • 3 Year Graduation Rate (2012-2013): 20%

U.S. News Rankings

  • Faculty Credentials and Training Rank: 11
  • Faculty Credentials and Training Score: 83/100
  • Student Engagement Rank: 38
  • Student Engagement Score: 74/100
  • Student Services and Technology Rank: 30
  • Student Services and Technology Score: 60/100

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