Central Michigan University Review

Central Michigan University boasts two highly rated graduate programs and offers great benefits for members of the military and other non-traditional students.

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The Good

Top graduate business program:

In the most recent U.S. News & World Report university rankings, Central Michigan University (CMU) is listed as the number 17 school for online graduate business programs. This top 20 ranking is particularly impressive considering that more than 150 qualifying schools were evaluated in the study. The MBA program covers several different business-related fields, allowing you to place an emphasis on areas like marketing, logistics management, human resource management, and more.

Discounted tuition for parents:

Central Michigan University offers discounted tuition rates to parents of current CMU students or alumni. This unique offering is available for both bachelor’s and graduate degrees and can end up saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of your degree. With over 200,000 worldwide Central Michigan alumni, this discounted tuition rate is a great way to encourage non-traditional students to get back in the classroom.

Online chat provides quick answers:

Central Michigan University has a great website, but to make it even easier for you to find information, they have an online chat tool accessible from the home page. Only a few of the top online schools offer online chat, but it really is a great way to connect with someone at the school, and get answers to your specific questions. If you’re undecided about which university to attend, conducting online research is a great place to start. Unfortunately, some of the school websites are not easy to navigate and finding basic information can be a chore.

Career solutions portal helps focus degree path:

If you are uncertain about which area of study you want to pursue, it might be worth checking out Central Michigan University’s Career Solutions Portal. This simple online tool lays out a few general areas of interest and then leads you to the types of degrees offered by the school that might be applicable to the academic and career path you want to pursue. In addition to helping undecided students, the Career Solutions Portal can also be of value to those interested in attending Central Michigan, as it gives you a clear idea of what types of degrees you can get through the university.

Great benefits for military members:

Central Michigan University seems to go out of their way to make things easy for members of the military. Their website has a page dedicated to each major branch of the military, making it easy for members of the armed forces to find any specific beneficial services offered by the university. Central Michigan has several military friendly amenities, including being G.I. Bill certified, a member of the SOC Consortium, and more. Central Michigan was also featured three years in a row as one of GI Jobs’ Military-Friendly Schools.

The Bad

School reputation needs work:

Central Michigan University’s bachelor’s and two graduate programs were rated well in U.S. News & World Report rankings, but the school itself failed to make Princeton Review’s list of the Best 378 Colleges 2014 and Forbes’ list of America’s Top Colleges. There is still a lot of good to say about the school, but the overall reputation does not quite carry the same weight as some of the other top universities offering online programs.

Tech support not available around the clock:

One of the benefits of attending school online is the ability to stay up late or get up early and complete your coursework on your own schedule. Many of the top online schools offer 24/7 tech support, a service that allows you to work during unusual hours and still feel secure knowing you can pick up the phone and get assistance should a problem arise. Running into a technical problem and not having a resource to address the problem can be frustrating, and has the potential to impact your studies.

The Details

General Information

  • Application Fee: $50 - $200
  • Location: MI
  • Region: Midwest
  • School Type: Public
  • Term Schedule: Other

Number of Programs

  • Online Bachelor's: 7
  • Online Graduate Business: 3
  • Online Graduate Education: 5
  • Online Graduate Engineering: None
  • Online Graduate IT: None
  • Online Graduate Nursing: None

Tuition Rates (per credit)

  • Online Bachelor's (In-State): $370
  • Online Bachelor's (Out-of-State): $370
  • Online Doctorate (In-State): N/A
  • Online Doctorate (Out-of-State): N/A
  • Online Master's (In-State): $487
  • Online Master's (Out-of-State): $487
  • Online MBA (In-State): $600
  • Online MBA (Out-of-State): $600

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