Florida International University Review

Florida International University is located in Miami and has a particularly strong offering of online business programs at both the bachelor's and master's degree levels.

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The Good

Several business degree options

Florida International University (FIU) offers four online master’s degrees, all of which are business related. The online graduate business program consists of two MBA options, including a corporate MBA and a healthcare MBA. In addition, a master’s in international business, a master of science in international real estate, and a master of science in human resource management are all available fully online. At the undergraduate level, there is an online bachelor’s in business administration, with five different business area concentrations to choose from. If you are looking to further your career potential in the business world, the full selection of online degrees at FIU has a lot to offer.

Decent national rankings

Florida International University earns multiple recognitions in the latest U.S. News & World Report for their online education programs. Two of the school’s programs are ranked in the top 100 in their particular category, with the graduate business program ranked number 27, and the online graduate engineering program ranked at 41. These rankings may not initially sound particularly impressive, but considering that hundreds of schools are rated in each category, having two programs score well speaks to the school’s commitment to quality education.

Competitive admissions

Florida International University’s main campus has one of the lowest admission rates among all public universities in Florida, and this characteristic carries over to the online programs. Currently, the online bachelor’s program has a reported acceptance rate of just 36%, while the online graduate business degree program has a reported acceptance rate of 63%. These numbers should not be discouraging to you as a potential applicant, but instead reassure you that the FIU online programs are high-quality and well-desired.

The Bad

Pricey out-of-state tuition

Undergraduate students enrolled in fully online programs are charged one flat tuition rate, regardless of major, but rates do differ for Florida residents and nonresidents. Florida state residents are charged one rate for tuition, plus a student financial aid fee and a distance learning fee. Non-residents are charged tuition rate that is about one third greater than the in-state rate, and still have to pay the online fees.

Proctored exams for online students

As an online student you may expect to have the flexibility of completing lectures and assignments from anywhere with an Internet connection, but taking midterm and final exams at FIU may not be that convenient. Some online courses may require you to take a proctored midterm or final exam at a designated testing location or even on campus. Testing methods are left up to the instructor, so they can vary greatly by course, but keep in mind that you may have to make special travel arrangements to take your major exams.

Reputation lags behind

Florida International University has earned a few recognitions from U.S. News & World Report for online education, but the university itself is not mentioned in other popular university rating publications. Many of the best online colleges have been named in academic rankings from The Princeton Review, Forbes, and other publications, but Florida International University has not appeared in any of them.

The Details

General Information

  • Application Fee: $30
  • Location: FL
  • Region: Southeast
  • School Type: Public
  • Term Schedule: Trimester

Number of Programs

  • Online Bachelor's: 13
  • Online Graduate Business: 8
  • Online Graduate Education: 1
  • Online Graduate Engineering: 1
  • Online Graduate IT: None
  • Online Graduate Nursing: None

Tuition Rates (per credit)

  • Online Bachelor's (In-State): $151
  • Online Bachelor's (Out-of-State): $333
  • Online Doctorate (In-State): N/A
  • Online Doctorate (Out-of-State): N/A
  • Online Master's (In-State): $441 - $574
  • Online Master's (Out-of-State): $613 - $945
  • Online MBA (In-State): $1,000
  • Online MBA (Out-of-State): $1,000

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