Lamar University Review

Lamar University is a Texas-based public school that distinguishes itself with a high number of bachelor's degree options and unique career services that aim to connect with online students.

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The Good

Numerous undergraduate degree options:

Lamar University offers eight different bachelor’s degree options to choose from, which is more than many other online schools offer. If you are interested in multiple areas of study and are uncertain about which degree to pursue, having access to several options is beneficial to you. Similarly, if you know exactly the area you want to pursue, the fact that Lamar has so many bachelor’s options increases your chances of finding a degree that suits you.

Career consultations via Skype:

Lamar University recently started offering career consulting via Skype, which is a great resource if you have uncertainties about which degree or career to pursue, but live far away from campus. Most universities offer career services to online students, but Lamar University seems to go out of their way to make valuable services, like resume critique and interview techniques, accessible to their online students. They also offer access to academic advising, online tutoring, digital library resources, and other important services to help you get the most out of your online education experience.

Traditional and accelerated schedule options:

If you’re interested in a traditional academic schedule, Lamar offers several degrees that operate on standard 15-week semesters. However, if you prefer completing your online education more quickly, some of the degrees offered by Lamar can be earned at an accelerated rate. The accelerated programs provide the opportunity to earn a variety of bachelor’s degrees through eight-week sessions. Current teachers can even earn a master’s in education with accelerated five-week sessions, enabling the degree to be earned in as little as 18 months. Although not every degree offered by Lamar can be earned at an accelerated pace, accelerated learning is a feature not offered by all online schools.

Access to online graduate and doctorate degrees:

In addition to offering a relatively large number of bachelor’s degrees, Lamar University offers online students the opportunity to earn master’s and doctorate degrees. Although the advanced degree options are limited mostly to education-related degrees, Lamar University differentiates itself by being one of the few schools to currently offer online doctorate degrees. Lamar also offers a number of education-related certificates that may be of value to certain educational professionals.

The Bad

School reputation has room to improve:

Lamar University received respectable ratings from U.S News & World Report by being ranked in the top 100 for their bachelor’s program and the top 20 for their graduate nursing program. However, the school was not listed in The Princeton Review’s Best 378 Colleges of 2014, or in Forbes’ America’s Top Colleges ranking, indicating that Lamar still has some work to do before really establishing themselves as a top tier academic institution. The university appears to be moving in a positive direction, as they have raised the admissions standards two times in the last two years.

The Details

General Information

  • Application Fee: $25 - $50
  • Location: TX
  • Region: Southwest
  • School Type: Public
  • Term Schedule: Other

Number of Programs

  • Online Bachelor's: 8
  • Online Graduate Business: None
  • Online Graduate Education: 4
  • Online Graduate Engineering: None
  • Online Graduate IT: None
  • Online Graduate Nursing: 1

Tuition Rates (per credit)

  • Online Bachelor's (In-State): $208
  • Online Bachelor's (Out-of-State): $208
  • Online Doctorate (In-State): N/A
  • Online Doctorate (Out-of-State) : N/A
  • Online Master's (In-State): $235 - $250
  • Online Master's (Out-of-State): $235 - $292
  • Online MBA (In-State): N/A
  • Online MBA (Out-of-State): N/A

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