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EFax is a highly functional online fax service with a clean design and well-integrated capabilities. Prices are a bit high, but easy navigation and quality features may be worth the extra cost.

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The Good

Easy to share large files

Powered by FuseMail, eFax’s file-sharing feature enables you to attach and share files that are up to 1 GB of data. EFax servers store the file and make it accessible for download so recipients aren’t required to have an eFax account. The interface is very basic and only requires a couple of steps. If you regularly deal with large documents, this feature is a great asset.

Clean overall design

EFax’s Message Center, where your fax inbox and outbox exist, looks like a typical email interface and feels incredibly intuitive. Efax, a J2 Global, Inc. company, utilizes the same back-end software as j2 Global’s MyFax, so the interface will feel especially familiar if you’ve been using that product. Overall, eFax’s visual simplicity makes it easy to navigate and learn.

Well-integrated contact management features

Through the Message Center, you can add a new contact manually or choose to import a CSV file of existing contacts. If you have large contacts lists, the ability to import is a huge time-saver. EFax also enables you to export your contacts should the need arise.

Simple signature feature

On the main menu of the Message Center is an option to sign a fax. EFax provides step-by-step directions to assist you in this process. In order to use this feature, you first have to sign a document and fax it to yourself. Once your signature is received, you can crop your signature and save it as an image. After the image is saved, you then select any fax, open the fax in the viewer, and add your signature. This feature is especially useful if you regularly work with contracts.

Fax archive search

Located in the upper-left corner of the Message Center is a search box where you can search your fax logs according to keywords. To ensure you use this tool as effectively as possible, eFax offers a list of search tips and examples. You can access these tips by selecting the small question mark next to the search box.

The Bad

Limited integration capabilities

When it comes to overall features, eFax is definitely competitive with other top online fax services. However, eFax does not provide integration functionality with Google Drive or for web-based document hosting services like Dropbox or Box. With an increasing number of small businesses and other organizations utilizing web-based services, integration is becoming a necessary feature which eFax has yet to catch up on.

High prices

At $16.95 per month for their basic package, EFax prices come in higher than other products on the market. One aspect to be particularly aware of is the $0.10 charge for every sheet sent over your monthly allocation. However, eFax does deliver a quality product that is easy to use so, depending on your circumstances, the addition costs just may be worth it.

The Details


  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.10
  • Fax Pages: 150 - 200
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Price: $16.95 - $19.95
  • Monthly Price (With Annual Contract): $14.13 - $16.63
  • Setup Fees: None


eFax Plus

  • Price: $16.95/month
  • Discount: $14.13/month with an annual subscription
  • Setup Fee: $10
  • Fax Pages - Send and Receive: 150
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.10

eFax Pro

  • Price: $19.95/month
  • Discount: $16.63/month with an annual subscription
  • Setup Fee: $19.95
  • Fax Pages - Send and Receive: 200
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.10

You can find more details on eFax’s pricing here.

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