InterFAX Review

InterFAX is a capable online fax service that offers competitive pricing. A wide assortment of customizable features and tools makes InterFAX a strong choice for heavy fax users.

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The Good

Strong broadcasting capabilities

InterFAX offers resources to help you send and manage faxes to large lists of recipients. InterFAX’s broadcasting capabilities process enormous lists, providing one-click resubmission for any faxes that failed to transmit. Not all online fax services include this functionality, so if you consider broadcasting to be a necessary feature, InterFAX should definitely be considered in your purchasing decision.

Excellent integration options

InterFAX is designed to integrate with a variety of products, including traditional software like Microsoft Office and web-based services like Google Drive and Box. In addition, InterFAX provides multiple application programming interface (API) code samples and dedicated developer support to assist those who hope to integrate InterFAX with their own software. This is a great service that helps customers customize their experience for maximum efficiency, whether it’s used for personal or business use.

Simple list importing tool

InterFAX does not have a lot of list creation and management capabilities, but that’s because the service is designed to handle imported lists. Through the Lists menu option, you can import a CSV file with up to 20,000 contacts. The uploading interface also gives you the option to ignore duplicate fax numbers and specify whether a comma or a semicolon is used as the delimiter character. Default fields include the destination fax number, contact name, company, and phone number. Businesses with a large list of contacts will definitely appreciate this functionality.

Customized reporting

InterFAX is one of few online fax services that provides reporting. You can download a file that includes 30 fields of data associated with your fax transmissions. Through the Account menu item, you can also view messages by user. These resources enable you to identify faxing habits, allocate billing in an accurate manner, and gain a better understanding of your overall faxing needs.

Customized confirmation settings

Many online fax services send you an email confirmation when a fax is transmitted successfully. InterFAX goes beyond that and provides you with the ability to determine when you receive feedback. Available options include always, never, on success, or on failure. This level of customization enables you to minimize the amount of messages you deem unnecessary so you can focus on more important things.

The Bad

No internal viewer

In order to view a fax in your inbox or outbox, you have to download it to your local machine then open it, typically with a PDF viewer. Downloading and opening faxes is time-consuming and the files take up space in your local machine. It also isn’t the most efficient way to browse faxes in the event you’re looking for certain information. An internal viewer provides you with the ability to view your faxes within the product without having to download, which is especially useful if you just want to quickly access a file for reference.

The Details


  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.15
  • Fax Pages: 91 - 32,700+
  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Monthly Price: $10 - $2,000
  • Monthly Price (With Annual Contract): $10 - $2,000
  • Setup Fees: $12.95


Send Faxes

  • Price: $10/month - $2,000/month
  • Fax Pages: 91 - 32,727
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.11

Receive Faxes

  • Price: $12.95/month
  • Discount: None
  • Setup Fee: $12.95
  • Fax Pages: 200
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.15

You can find more details on InterFAX’s pricing here .

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