MetroFax Review

MetroFax is a premier online fax service that combines a unique menu system with a dynamic dashboard to deliver a solid user experience at a competitive price.

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The Good

Easy-to-use dashboard

The main MetroFax dashboard displays valuable account information and contains access to several useful features. At the top of the dashboard is a meter which clearly indicates your fax usage during the current period. Having this feature prominently displayed enables you to better manage your fax quantities and avoid an unexpectedly high bill. The dashboard also contains links that enable you to send a fax or access your inbox, outbox, contacts, and other resources.

Several cover page options

Many online fax services have minimal features relating to the cover page. In most cases, there is simply a title and body field where you enter text. MetroFax provides a more comprehensive set of fields that includes detailed sender and receiver information, which helps ease communication between the two parties and minimize the chances of any confusion or misplacement of documents. The product also enables you to upload a unique cover page or choose from one of several cover page templates so your brand is represented the way you want it to be.

Scheduling built into faxing process

Although faxing is not a complicated task, MetroFax still breaks the process down into individual steps to ensure thoroughness. The sending process includes adding recipients, attaching documents, selecting a cover page, and scheduling. MetroFax scheduling is cleanly built into the sending process and also enables you to determine the specific day and time a fax is sent.

Competitive price

MetroFax is very competitively priced especially when you consider the rich feature set and quality user experience. Prices vary depending on your location and which plan you choose: Essential, which comes with 500 pages; Value, which comes with 1,000; and Professional, which comes with 2,500. The visual meter on the dashboard and the running totals listed on the side menu always show you how many pages remain in the billing cycle. Even if you go over the contracted number, additional faxes only cost you $0.03 per page. You will be hard-pressed to find a better overall value in the online faxing industry.

Simplified contact management

Adding and managing groups is very easy with MetroFax. From the side menu, you can easily access your contacts, add a new group, or update an existing group. MetroFax also provides the ability to import contacts in a CSV file and includes tips on how to export your contacts from your email client. As working with a large quantity of contacts can easily become very disorganized, it’s nice to see such a straightforward way to manage them.

The Bad

No digitized signature

For industries and occupations that regularly transmit contracts and other formal documents, having the ability to add a digitized signature is a major time-saving resource. Unfortunately, MetroFax does not provide the tools to add a digitized signature. Although this isn’t important in every case, it’s generally a convenient feature that does facilitate the fax process when it’s needed.

Iffy customer service

In December 2013, many customers reported that MetroFax completely overhauled the interface without any notice and restricted access to previous documents. In addition, the quality of support from their live-chat representatives is inconsistent. While one customer-service agent was very helpful, another simply provided a list of prices and packages without answering our questions. If you value attentive customer service, this may be something to bear in mind.

The Details


  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.03
  • Fax Pages: 500 - 2,500
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Price: $7.95 - $35.95
  • Monthly Price (With Annual Contract): $6.63 - $29.96
  • Setup Fees: None



  • Price: $7.95/month
  • Discount: $6.63/month if you pay annually
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Fax Pages - Send and Receive: 500
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.03


  • Price: $12.95/month
  • Discount: $10.79/month if you pay annually
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Fax Pages - Send and Receive: 1,000
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.03


  • Price: $35.95/month
  • Discount: $29.96/month if you pay annually
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Fax Pages - Send and Receive: 2,500
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.03

You can find more details on MetroFax's pricing here.

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