Popfax Review

Popfax provides a quality online fax service at a competitive price. A strong international presence coupled with mobile-friendly tools enable Popfax to make faxing accessible to virtually everyone.

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The Good

Simple contacts organization

Popfax makes it easy to create new groups with your contacts lists. The Add New Group button enables you to create a new group name, add existing contacts, and add new contacts. If you regularly send faxes to groups, this simple interface makes the entire process much more manageable. Once a group is created, it is listed in the contact book, enabling you to effortlessly send faxes to the group as often as necessary.

Mail merge faxes

Mail merging enables you to send one master document to multiple contacts at the same time and simultaneously add personalized information to the document tailored specifically for each recipient. Utilizing Microsoft Office products, the mail merge provided by Popfax is particularly powerful, as it enables you to add as many merge fields as you want. Mail merge is not a feature included in many comparable online faxing services, but it is available with the Popfax Option pack.

Ability to send faxes overseas

Popfax sends faxes to international numbers without tacking on exorbitant add-on fees. In addition, the Popfax website and faxing interface is available in nearly 20 languages. For organizations with offices spread throughout the world, or for businesses with bilingual employees, enabling employees to access faxing resources in their native tongue helps reduce errors and minimize costs.

Good archiving capabilities

With Popfax, you can create and label folders any way you choose to categorize them, such as by company, contact, or any other designation that makes sense to you. You simply select a checkbox next to the fax you want archived then move it to the folder of your choice. This system enables you to archive your sent and received faxes any way you want, making it easy to find a single fax or a group of faxes.

Optimized mobile capabilities

Popfax’s mobile website interface is simple and clean, and enables you to access your account, view your inbox and outbox, and send and receive faxes. If you prefer to work with a mobile application, Popfax offers apps on Android, Apple, and BlackBerry devices. For on-the-go users, Popfax’s dedication to mobile compatibility is much appreciated.

The Bad

Forwarding process not streamlined

The Popfax interface includes functionality that enables you to forward faxes to an additional email address or fax number. The outbox even contains the ability to forward via SMS. However, when you select a fax to be forwarded, there is no way to access your contacts list. Unless you have the contact information memorized, you have to switch back and forth between the contact book and the inbox or outbox. This becomes particularly burdensome if you need to forward a fax to several additional contacts.

No toll-free numbers

Popfax gives customers in most states the option to choose local, but not toll-free, numbers. Having access to a toll-free number may not be a big deal depending on your circumstances, but it is definitely something to be aware of when making your purchasing decision.

The Details


  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.06
  • Fax Pages: 20 - Unlimited
  • Free Trial: 3 days
  • Monthly Price: $5 - $8
  • Monthly Price (With Annual Contract): $5 - $8
  • Setup Fees: None


3 Month Subscription

  • Price: $8/month with a 3-month subscription
  • Discount: None
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Fax Pages - Send Only: 20
  • Fax Pages - Receive Only: Unlimited
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.06

1 Year Subscription

  • Price: $5/month with an annual subscription
  • Discount: None
  • Setup Fee: None
  • Fax Pages - Send Only: 50
  • Fax Pages - Receive Only: Unlimited
  • Additional Cost per Page: $0.06

You can find more details on Popfax's pricing here.

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