The 3 Best Online Fax Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses are going to want to look for an online fax software that offers the features they need at the most reasonable price. Features like administrator controls and billing allocation won’t be as important to this group. A nice, clean design, quality support, and online resources can be a big help in learning how to make the most out of the fax service. Another thing that is important for small businesses to keep in mind is how many faxes they intend to send and receive per month, as that has a large impact on which plan to choose and subsequently, how much the service costs. The three companies below would make a good fit for any small business.

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RingCentral Fax is one of the best online fax services for small businesses because it provides a lot of functionality and a clean, user-friendly interface at a reasonable price. Depending on how much you plan on faxing, you can get 500, 1,000, or 2,500 sheets per month, along with phone and web support when you need it. This can be especially useful if you are just starting out with an online fax service and aren’t quite familiar with how it all works just yet. RingCentral Fax also provides some nice online resources to help get you started, including an FAQ and a detailed user guide. There is also a knowledge base of help articles and several video tutorials. In addition, RingCentral Fax makes it easy to add or import contacts to your account, which can be very important if you already have an existing list of contacts.

MetroFax is another company to consider if you are looking for an online fax service for your small business. They offer excellent support through email, social media, live chat, or over the phone, and there are several online resources available to help you learn how to use the service. When you’re first starting out with MetroFax, having access to these kinds of resources can really help curb the initial learning curve. MetroFax offers three different plans for small businesses, each with a different number of pages per month, so you can choose which one best fits your needs and budget. If you happen to exceed your page limit for the month, MetroFax only charges you $0.03 per page, which is pretty much the lowest overage rate you’ll find in the industry. MetroFax also provides a user-friendly interface with two main menus that offer you easy access to all of the main features of the service, making navigation within MetroFax very simple.

MyFax offers a variety of features, a clean design, and 24/7 support, but their prices are pretty expensive considering what you get. Even MyFax’s best plan, the Fax More plan, only comes with 400 sent and 400 received pages per month, which is considerably lower than what most other online fax services offer. However, for a small business, you may not need more than this. If you need help learning how to use MyFax, you can check out their knowledge base of help articles on their website or participate in one of their live webinars. One really nice thing about MyFax is that they allow you to send faxes from up to five different email addresses, as opposed to just a single email. For these reasons, MyFax could still make a great choice for some small businesses, just as long as price isn’t your number one concern.