The 4 Best Online Master's in Engineering Management Programs

Many of the best online master’s in engineering management programs are similar, though there are some subtle differences. Determining which program is the best for you will depend on your career goals and what you value most in an online program. Some programs are set up as a cohort-based system, meaning that you’ll stay with the same classmates throughout the course of your studies. This can be a valuable networking opportunity to have, though it usually limits a program’s flexibility. Other programs offer a wide variety of electives to allow you to design a course program around the skills and knowledge that matter most to you. The four programs listed below stand out as some of the best in the field of engineering management.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus’ online master’s in engineering management program ranks among the best in the country, and it comes at a surprisingly affordable price. Some other schools charge over $1,800 per credit, but Penn State-World Campus can give you the same quality education for just over half that price. As a student in this program, you will learn how to effectively manage a team and solve problems that you may encounter as an engineer. This program requires you to complete your degree in two years as part of a cohort-based system, which has its advantages and disadvantages. It makes the program a little less flexible, but it also allows you to get to know your classmates and professors a little better. Networking is an important aspect of every online program, and few other online master’s in engineering management programs give this kind of networking opportunity to their students.

Columbia University offers two different engineering management programs for you to choose from. One is focused on logistics and supply chain optimization and the other deals with risk and revenue management. In these programs, you’ll study project management, operations research, and economics, among other things. Each area of specialization has a different set of required courses that you must take, but the majority of the 30 required credit hours comes from electives. This allows you to tailor your education to suit your career goals, so that you learn the skills that will be able to propel you to the next level. In order to gain admission into the online master’s in engineering management program, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, as well as some previous coursework in mathematics and a computer programming language. Admission to the school is competitive, but it should probably be expected considering that Columbia is one of the top-tier institutions in the world.

The University of Southern California is another great school that can help you earn your master’s in engineering management degree online. Throughout this program, you’ll learn about managing projects and companies, quantitative methods, and managerial accounting. You’ll need a minimum of 30 credits to graduate, but there are only a few classes that are required, so beyond that, you can customize your program. This allows you to focus on the skills that matter the most to you, so that you can develop the practical knowledge that you need to succeed in the workplace. One thing that may prevent you from choosing the University of Southern California is that their tuition rates are a little on the high end. However, the University of Southern California offers some of the strongest online engineering programs of any school, so you can be sure that you’ll receive a high-quality education if you do choose them.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s online master’s program finishes off the list of the best places to earn a master’s in engineering management degree online. This highly exclusive program only admits 30 people per year. But if you are one of the lucky few that gets accepted, you can expect a high-quality education centered around projects and developing practical skills to help you advance in the engineering field. Like Pennsylvania State University-World Campus, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s engineering management degree program is cohort-based, so you’ll stay with the same 29 classmates for the entire program. Classes are conducted via live web conferences that take place once per week. Though this requires you to work your schedule around the conferences, it also gives you the opportunity to interact with your professors and fellow classmates. Assignments are also due only once per week, so you’ll have some flexibility in determining when you complete them.