The 5 Best Online Master's in Industrial Engineering

The best online master’s in industrial engineering program for you will depend on several different factors. First, you must think about you career goals and what schools offer programs that will help you advance. Many of these programs focus on teaching practical skills that can be applied to your career. Some also put a special emphasis on developing leadership skills and other complementary talents that would be important for someone in a management position to know. If you’re already out in the workforce, you’ll also want to look for a program with a lot of flexibility, so that you can work around your schedule. Price will be a concern to many online students, as well. The five schools listed below represent some of the best online master’s programs in industrial engineering.

Purdue University-West Lafayette’s online master’s in industrial engineering program is completely customizable to suit your interests and career goals. With the help of faculty members, you will design a program targeted toward helping you land a job in your desired profession. Students can focus on computational engineering, production systems design, and automation and control, among other topics. Purdue University also gives you the option of whether you’d like to write a thesis. However, whether you choose to do so or not, you’ll still have to take at least 10 courses in industrial engineering in order to earn your degree. This program is geared towards working professionals looking to move up in the industrial engineering field, so there is a big emphasis on learning new skills that can then be applied to the workplace. No matter what area of industrial engineering you choose to go into, this level of flexibility in an online master’s program means that Purdue University-West Lafayette will probably have something to interest everyone.

The University of Southern California is another school that offers quality online master’s programs in industrial engineering. You can choose to go with the industrial systems and engineering program, which gives you a broad understanding of common areas of industrial engineering. Or if you’d like to be a little more specialized, you can opt for the operations research, systems architecting and engineering, or product development engineering programs. The product development program, offered in conjunction with the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department, is really unique in that it teaches students about all the steps of creating a new product, from its initial invention all the way to production. This dynamic set of program options helps the University of Southern California stand out from other program.

Columbia University would make an excellent choice for students looking to earn their master’s degree in industrial engineering online. It offers several programs in industrial engineering, including operations research and systems engineering. Each program is set up with a few required courses and a wide variety of available electives. This should make it easy to tailor your degree to the type of career you are interested in. Operations Research-Methods in Finance program is a unique degree option offered by Columbia University. This would make a great choice for students interested in entering security, financial management, or the finance departments of manufacturing companies. Tuition rates at Columbia are among the highest for online master’s in engineering programs, and they may just be a little out of reach for some. However, if cost isn’t your number one concern, you can expect to receive an excellent education from experienced professionals if you choose Columbia University.

Auburn University offers an industrial and systems engineering online master’s program focused on preparing students for their future careers. You can choose to specialize in several different areas, including operation research, ergonomics, and production systems. If you’re not interested in holding a management position, it might be best to go a different route, however. Auburn University allows students to earn a dual degree of a master’s in business administration and a master’s in industrial and systems engineering. This program is obviously going to be more intensive than a single degree program — it’s takes 55 credit hours instead of 30. However, it will also help prepare you to take on a leadership role in your career as well as provide you with the necessary engineering skills. You can enter this program beginning in the spring or summer semesters, if you choose, so you don’t just have to wait for fall to roll around. Not many universities have this kind of dual degree option for their students to take advantage of, and even fewer give this opportunity to their online students, so Auburn University is truly unique in this respect.

Cornell University’s online master’s degree in system engineering is perfect for students who are already out in the workforce but are looking to further develop their engineering skills. Many of the students who enter this program choose to do so on a part-time basis so that they can continue working. In the industrial and systems engineering degree program, you will study systems engineering and architecture. You will also learn about project leadership, something which will undoubtedly be helpful in any career in the industrial engineering field. In order to earn your master’s degree online, you must complete a design project overseen by members of the engineering department faculty as well. This type of hands-on training is sure to help you enhance your skill set. One thing that might stop you from choosing Cornell, though, is their extremely high tuition rates. Financial aid options are available, but if money is your primary concern, it might be best to seek an alternative program.