The 5 Best Online Master's in Mechanical Engineering Programs

It can be difficult to determine which is the best online master’s in mechanical engineering program for you simply because every program is a little bit different. Some have pretty strict course requirements. Others allow you to design your own schedule in a way that will prepare you for your desired career in the mechanical engineering field. Before choosing a school, it’s important to think about your future career goals, but also how much flexibility you value in your online master’s degree program. The five universities listed below offer some of the best online mechanical engineering programs out there and would be a great place to begin your search.

The University of Southern California claims a place among the best online master’s in mechanical engineering because it has a variety of areas of specialization designed to help students prepare for all sorts of careers within the mechanical engineering field. This includes jobs in the automotive industry and the aerospace industry, among many others. Another really unique program offered by the University of Southern California’s Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department is the product development engineering program, which can help prepare students for a career as a product development manager or a product development engineer. If you’re interested in exploring this aspect of mechanical engineering, you won’t find a better choice than the University of Southern California, because they are one of the only schools out there to offer a program like this. Tuition rates for the university’s engineering programs are among the highest around. However, with consistently high rankings from , you’ll get what you pay for when you earn your master’s degree in mechanical engineering online from the University of Southern California.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus’ mechanical engineering online master’s program is designed to help prepare students for careers in the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and robotics fields, among others. It is identical to the on-campus master’s program and is taught by the same faculty, all with extensive experience in various aspects of mechanical engineering. One really unique characteristic of the mechanical engineering program at Penn State-World Campus, is that students have the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program with members of the Penn State Mechanical Engineering Society. These mentors are alumni of the mechanical engineering program, and can be a good source of advice for you. Networking opportunities like these are not offered by many online programs, and they can be especially useful after you graduate and are looking for employment.

Columbia University’s online master’s in mechanical engineering program is extremely flexible, and allow you to design your own program to reflect your interests and career goals. This is done with the help of an academic advisor. Common areas of specialty include robotics, thermodynamics, kinematics, and power generation. But if none of those sound appealing to you, you can just make up your own plan, provided that it shows a clear focus. This level of freedom is rare among online master’s programs in mechanical engineering. And if you’re not sure what area of mechanical engineering you want to specialize in or can’t find an online program that offers your specialty, this could be a good reason to go with Columbia University. If that’s not enough to win you over, then the outstanding academic credentials of the faculty just might. Professors in Columbia University’s engineering department have about eight years of online teaching experience and are well-respected in their fields.

Another school that must be mentioned when talking about the best online master’s programs in mechanical engineering is Purdue University-West Lafayette. Like Columbia University, Purdue does not have set program requirements for their mechanical engineering students. You meet with members of the faculty to help develop a course plan aligned with your career goals. Some of the common specialties include nanotechnology, bioengineering, and fluid mechanics and propulsion. Purdue University’s online master’s in mechanical engineering program is primarily designed for working professionals looking to enhance their skill set or advance in their career, so there is a particular emphasis on developing new skills that will be useful for a job in the mechanical engineering field.

Auburn University finishes off the list of the best online master’s programs for mechanical engineering. The program focuses primarily on preparing students for careers in mechanical engineering. It consists of 21 credit hours related to general mechanical engineering, with an additional nine credit hours on a more focused area of specialization. As an online student, you’re also expected to complete a final project and comprehensive examination in order to earn your degree. If money is a big concern for you when searching for a graduate program in mechanical engineering, it’ll be difficult to beat Auburn University. Tuition rates are well below average, and are charged at one flat rate, regardless of whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student. That faculty that teach Auburn University’s online engineering programs have an average of nine years of online teaching experience, which can help you feel confident that you’re receiving the same high-quality education that you’d get in a classroom.