The 4 Best Online Master's in Software Engineering Programs

Software engineers are in high demand, and that makes choosing the best online master’s in software engineering program extremely important. In order to do that, you have to consider your professional goals and look for which program offers you the best chance to develop your skills in that area. Certain schools offer a large selection of electives so that you can tailor your program to fit your needs. Others require you to complete hands-on projects, enabling you to get some practical, real-world experience working in your field. The four universities listed below offer the best online master’s in software engineering degrees available today.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus’ online master’s in software engineering program is designed to prepare you with a variety of skills that would be applicable to any career in the software engineering field. Students of this program often go on to work in healthcare, telecommunications, biomedical organizations, and several other fields. Throughout the program, you will get a broad education in a variety of software engineering topics, including design techniques and more technical software concepts. The online software engineering program at Penn State is cohort-based, so you will have the same classmates for the duration of the program. These types of programs give you the opportunity to build a strong network of classmates, and can make it a lot easier to get help with your coursework if needed.

The University of Southern California’s online master’s program in software engineering goes beyond just basic instruction in software development. As a student in this program, you will also learn a little bit about systems engineering and even management skills. This will help prepare you to take on a leadership role in the software engineering field. You’ll need at least 27 credit hours to earn this degree, but up to nine of them are electives, so you’re free to explore your interests. The University of Southern California also gives you the opportunity to gain some real-world experience by working on class projects involving real clients. One factor that might be a bit problematic if you’re interested in this program is the high tuition, as per credit rates come in at over $1,600. However, the University of Southern California was named the top online info tech program by , so despite these high rates, you can be confident you are receiving a high-quality education.

Columbia University’s software systems online master’s degree program is ideal for students interested in learning about the technologies and methodologies that make up software development. The program requires at least 30 credits in order to graduate, and allows you to choose from among several elective options to compliment the strong set of core courses that are offered. You can choose from a variety of subjects within software engineering, including database systems, operating systems, and mobile computing. Like the University of Southern California, Columbia University’s tuition rates are high, ranging from $1,600 – $1,900 per credit. Columbia University is one of the most renowned institutions in the world and despite these relatively high tuition costs may still be a great option.

Auburn University

Auburn University’s computer science and software engineering program rounds out the list of the best online master’s in software engineering programs. If you choose to go with this program, you’ll learn about all aspects of software development, including the practical skills that you’ll be able to apply to just about any career in the software engineering field. You’ll need 33 credit hours to graduate and you don’t have to write a thesis. However, you do have to complete a software design project in order to graduate. This should give you some great hands-on training in software development that will prove to be extremely valuable as you transition to your career. Another excellent reason to choose Auburn University for earning your master’s in software engineering degree online is that their faculty has, on average, nine years of experience teaching students online, as well as countless years of experience in software engineering. Auburn University also offers competitively priced tuition rates, charging $750 per credit.