The 3 Best Online Accelerated MBA Programs

Accelerated online MBA programs aren’t widely available partly because almost all online MBA programs are designed to accommodate to the busy schedules of working professionals. Plus, a traditional online MBA takes about two years to complete, which is already a relatively short amount of time for an advanced degree. However, if you’re in search for a fast-track online MBA degree program to increase your speed to market, there are a few quality programs available that can be completed in well under the two-year mark.

The University of Florida’s accelerated online MBA program takes 16 months to complete. To be eligible for enrollment, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field earned within the last seven years, and you must also have two years of full-time professional work experience. Additionally, you are required to have completed 11 core prerequisites. If you haven’t fulfilled these prerequisites during your undergraduate studies, the school allows you to make up for any missed courses prior to starting the online MBA program. The program moves quickly from the very beginning. After orientation, you immediately transition into a week-long review of business foundations and concepts before delving into more advanced courses.

The University of Tennessee-Martin’s accelerated online MBA program can be completed in 20 months. The online program is open to students from all educational backgrounds, but the program itself is focused on banking and financial services. Once admitted, you begin the program in January and take one course at a time, simplifying course load and eliminating scheduling concerns. The program comprises a cohort of 20 students with whom you take all your courses, and who serve as sources of motivation, support, and professional connections. If your area of interest in business falls outside of banking and financial services, the University of Tennessee-Martin also offers a traditional MBA program on campus; however, the business program for banking and financial service professionals is the school’s only current online MBA offering.

Auburn University is included as a top accelerated online MBA program although it offers a program that’s technically a blend of online and on-campus classes. You can earn an executive MBA at Auburn University in 21 months total. This program combines online learning, Internet discussions, and face-to-face campus sessions. This MBA degree option is designed specifically for busy, working professionals, but you are required to attend five separate one-week campus meetings while earning the degree. Auburn does offer a traditional online MBA program that will take you slightly longer to complete, and it only requires one three-day visit to campus that coincides with your final project presentation.