The 3 Cheapest Online MBA Programs

If you’re searching for the cheapest online MBA program, consider which area of business you’d like to study, the total number of credits required to graduate, and the tuition rate for in-state versus out-of-state students. Also, bear in mind that a low-cost option doesn’t mean you’ll be shortchanged in any aspect of your online MBA student experience. These top three cheap online MBA programs are offered by reputable schools that deliver high-quality education.

Arkansas State University (ASU) offers the same low flat-rate tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students. At $467 per credit hour, the cost to obtain an online MBA degree at ASU is very economical considering similar online MBA programs charge over $1,000 per credit hour. Additionally, ASU requires you to fulfill 27 credits to complete the online MBA program, which is slightly less than what other comparable programs require. The total estimated tuition of your entire degree is just under $13,000, meaning you can earn an online MBA for about half the cost of other similar programs. ASU currently offers just one area of concentration in supply chain management. This is a focus area that is available at other online MBA programs, so if it happens to fit your career interests, you would be smart to consider the affordable option available at ASU.

Washington State University is another cheap online MBA program that charges all students the same tuition rate regardless of state residency. While the cost per credit is slightly higher than Arkansas State University, it is still a low-cost option compared to other top online MBA programs. The online MBA degree at Washington State University is arguably the best deal since it’s affordably priced and, academically speaking, one of the top online MBA programs available. You can choose from three concentrations: marketing, finance, and international business. The program also distinguishes itself by offering an international study trip to online MBA students, though the cost of this experience is well above your normal tuition rate.

Central Michigan University offers a fair, flat-rate tuition rate for online students located in any U.S. state. The current tuition rate is $600 per credit hour for the school’s online MBA program, and you are required to complete anywhere from 31 to 43 credits depending on your area of study. While Central Michigan University may not offer the lowest tuition for an online MBA degree, it is still cheap if you consider similar programs charge more than $1,900 per credit for out-of-state students. Additionally, Central Michigan’s online MBA program offers a variety of business focus areas as well as access to a strong set of online academic resources, two of the many reasons why their tuition rate is a great bargain.