The 3 Best Marketing Online MBA Programs

The best marketing online MBA programs offer a strong selection of specialized courses focused on marketing topics so you can gain a greater depth of knowledge within the field. These online MBA programs offer a marketing concentration with electives that help you build a solid expertise. If you’re already in the marketing field or interested in a marketing position, an online marketing MBA program will offer you knowledge and skills that will directly apply to your career.

Arizona State University’s (ASU) marketing online MBA program allows you to select marketing electives that build upon your core marketing management courses. Whether you’re interested in product and brand management or corporate marketing, the marketing online MBA program at ASU helps you advance your applicable marketing knowledge and know-how. Course topics include business-to-business marketing, global marketing, service marketing, and product development and pricing. ASU has a large network of alumni, adding to the program’s strength in terms of career networking and job leads. The marketing online MBA program is cohort based, which gives you the opportunity to connect with other students who share similar interests.

Washington State University offers a marketing online MBA concentration that allows you to take a series of electives in the areas of international marketing, consumer behavior, or advertising. The marketing concentration at Washington State University is one of the few that covers international marketing and how American marketing methods and concepts translate to foreign markets. Washington State University’s marketing online program focuses on delivering high-quality, in-depth education within a few business areas rather than offering a multitude of concentrations with a shallow expertise. The program is also reasonably priced and well respected, earning top national rankings on a regular basis.

The University of Texas at Dallas online MBA degree program offers marketing as a specialty area. You can choose from six marketing electives, including market research, consumer behavior, interactive and digital marketing, and brand management. While some online MBA degree programs largely comprise core classes and offer very little room to specialize, the University of Texas at Dallas gives you 24 elective credits, or nearly half of your online MBA degree curriculum. Having a large portion of your online MBA degree devoted to elective courses enables you to build a strong expertise in the area of marketing.