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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers two different plan-option styles, depending on where you live. ASPCA offers flexible and customizable plans, but aside from adding more pets to your policy or reducing your total coverage, it lacks the savings options available from some other providers.

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The Good

Flexible plan options

ASPCA pet insurance has two different plan-option styles. If you are a resident of Florida or Washington, your choices will come in the style of tiered-level coverages. Three preset options are available with coverages ranging from (Level 1) basic accident and injuries only, to (Level 2) accidents and illnesses, and all the way to full coverage (Level 3), even including hereditary and behavioral conditions. This allows for the most options in premiums and coverage. On top of this, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers the choice of adding wellness coverage to any of those plans, rather than just the top-tier option. As a resident of the other 48 states, your customization options are a bit more limited, but still flexible.

There are two plans available for most of the country — Accident-Only and Complete Coverage. Accident-Only is your cheapest option, directly comparable to Level 1 for a Florida or Washington policy. It covers the definitive basics of injuries inflicted through accidents. Complete Coverage is the direct comparison to the top-tier, Level 3 plan. It handles the widest variety of incidents available through ASPCA. Additionally, both options are available with or without wellness coverage.

Insures pets of all ages

ASPCA doesn’t limit the amount of coverage available to older dogs and cats, which is very rare in the industry. Your coverage options will remain the same whether you’re insuring a young puppy or kitten, or a 12-year-old cat or dog. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance also enables you to select how much you want to pay for your deductible and copay. All plans offer up to a 90 percent reimbursement for any vet bills and your choice of $100, $250, or $500 deductibles. These options are relatively common in the pet insurance industry, but few offer as many choices to older pets as they do younger ones. If you’ve been having difficulty finding adequate coverage for your older dog or cat, ASPCA is one company you should definitely consider.

Multiple options for wellness coverage

ASPCA offer multiple options when it comes to wellness coverage. For Washington and Florida residents, there are two choices: Routine Wellness and the Advanced Wellness coverages. The Routine package is a good way to go if you want some extra protections, but don’t want to pay a high monthly fee. It covers heartworm and fecal screening, spaying/neutering, wellness exams, and some vaccines. The Advanced Wellness package is for people who want the most comprehensive protection for their cat or dog. It comes with higher benefit limits and additional coverage for certain vaccines not covered by the Routine plan. It also covers dental cleanings.

Anywhere else in the country, you have three options for additional wellness coverage: Basic, Standard, and Prime. Basic covers general health exams and heartworm and fecal testing, as well as deworming and standard vaccines. The Standard coverage offers the same perks as the Basic, but also includes covering the cost of a Health Verification Certificate. If you often travel with your pet, especially flying or going abroad, this certificate is a must. It is also a useful piece of documentation for breeders and adopters, to ensure that a puppy or kitten — or their parents — are healthy and well taken care of. If you do not travel with your pet or plan on breeding them, Health Certificate coverage, and therefore ASPCA’s Standard Coverage, is probably not necessary for you. You may wish to choose Basic coverage to save on your monthly premiums, or step up to the highest and most complete wellness coverage, the Prime plan. This comprehensive wellness coverage handles nearly every routine procedure every pet needs, including spay or neutering, flea/heartworm prevention, blood/fecal/urine tests, multiple vaccines, and more.

User-friendly quote tool

ASPCA’s quote tool enables you to purchase your policy online within a few minutes. First, you fill out a section detailing some basic information about your pet, like their name and age. Then, you’re brought to a page that lists your recommended coverages. From there, you can customize these quotes by changing the deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement percentage you’d like. You can add or detract Wellness options or choose the tiered level of coverage that fits your needs. From there, you just have to enter your billing information and choose your billing frequency — including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annual options.

Covers behavioral therapy

If your pet suffers from a behavioral issue like destructive chewing or scratching, some levels of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance pay for your pet to be diagnosed and treated for their condition. This also includes coverage for any lab tests or medications your pet needs. Behavioral therapy coverage is not a standard part of most pet insurance policies, but it’s undeniably useful if your pet has a bad habit you’ve been unable to break them of.

The Bad

Hardly any ways to save

Although ASPCA does offer 10 percent savings for those who insure multiple pets on the same plan, that is about the extent of its discounts. Among pet insurance providers, discounts aren’t as common as they are with other types of insurance, but there are some that offer you a variety of ways to save on your premiums. If price is a big factor for you, you may want to check out Petplan USA or Petfirst Healthcare to see if their discounts could help make your plan more affordable.

The Details

48-State Details

  • Available Plans: Accident-Only, Complete Coverage
  • Deductible: $100, $250, or $500
  • Reimbursement Percentage: 70%, 80%, or 90%
  • Annual Limit: $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, Unlimited
  • Maximum Age of Pet to Be Insured: Unlimited
  • Wellness Options: Basic, Standard, Prime

Florida and Washington Details

  • Available Plans: Level 1 (Accident-Only), Level 2 (Accident and Illness), Level 3 (Accident, Illness, and Advanced Care)
  • Deductible: $100, $250, or $500
  • Reimbursement Percentage: 70%, 80%, or 90%
  • Maximum Benefit Per Incident: $2,500, $3,000, $5,000
  • Maximum Age of Pet to Be Insured: Unlimited
  • Wellness Options: Routine, Advanced

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