PetFirst Pet Insurance Review

PetFirst Pet Insurance provides flexible, comprehensive protection for pets of all ages. Their policies are slightly expensive compared to other insurers, but discounts and several deductible and copay options can help balance this out.

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The Good

Flexible, customizable policies

PetFirst’s Lifetime policies don’t have any per-incident or lifetime payout caps. You can choose from $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 annual caps, depending on how much coverage you need. These plans include comprehensive coverage against accidents and illnesses, and you can add policy riders to customize your pet insurance policy. Choose your deductible and copay to create a plan that fits in with your needs and budget.

Hereditary, congenital and chronic coverage

PetFirst provides coverage for often-excluded issues, including chronic, congenital and hereditary conditions. Provided the pet isn’t showing symptoms, diagnosed or receiving treatment prior to the effective date of the policy, these conditions are covered for the life of the pet, as long as there isn’t a lapse in coverage. Plus, hip dysplasia and patella luxations are covered without an additional wait period, like most insurers require.

Excellent coverage for senior pets

PetFirst insures cats and dogs that are a minimum of 8 weeks old, and there’s no upper age limit on the pets you can insure. PetFirst is also one of the only insurers that doesn’t limit the coverage available to older pets. So if you’re looking for comprehensive protection for your elderly dog or cat, PetFirst is a good place to turn.

Exam fees included

Although all pet insurance companies pay for treatment related to accidents or illnesses, PetFirst is one of the few that reimburses exam fees. Though it may not seem as critical as other coverage types, exam fees can become fairly expensive, particularly if your pet visits an emergency clinic, specialist, or needs follow-up visits.

Several discounts available

PetFirst offers several pet insurance discounts, including $20 off your first month’s premium for buying online. PetFirst also offers employee benefits for participating employers, up to 10%. Plus, PetFirst’s partnerships with retailers like Safeway, Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, and pet-focused companies like HomeAgain and Petfinder provide special offers to members.

The Bad

Higher cost for broader coverage

PetFirst’s coverage can come with a higher price tag than other companies, particularly if you’re insuring an older pet. However, the comprehensive protection they offer still makes their policies a great value. In addition, PetFirst offers several ways to reduce your premiums by selecting a higher deductible or copay, so this is another option you can consider.

The Details


  • Co-Payment: 10-30%
  • Deductible: $50, $100, $250 or $500
  • Maximum Age of Pet to Be Insured: Unlimited
  • Maximum Annual Benefit: $5,000 - $20,000
  • Maximum Benefit Per Incident: None

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