PetPremium Review

With four easily customizable policies and a streamlined approach to quotes and claims, it's no wonder that PetPremium has made a name for itself as one of the best places to get quality pet insurance today.

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The Good

Several ways to customize your plan

PetPremium gives you four levels of coverage to choose from, each of which has different coverage and benefit limits designed to suit different types of customers. You can further customize the Level 3 and 4 plans by adding one of two optional wellness packages for an additional monthly fee. Then, you can select from several deductible and copay options and choose how often you’d like to be billed. Choices include monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Though most pet insurance providers offer customizability to some degree, few offer the freedom that PetPremium gives you to truly tailor a policy to fit your pet’s needs as well as your budget.

A snap to purchase online

You can purchase your PetPremium pet insurance policy online within a matter of minutes. The first step is to get a quote using their quote tool. You answer a few basic questions about your pet and then select the level of coverage you want. The available plans are all presented in a table with information about what each covers, making it easy to compare plans. Change your deductible and copay to match your needs, then enter your payment information. If at any point you have questions, you can call PetPremium for guidance.

Two levels of wellness coverage

PetPremium’s Routine Wellness package costs an additional $12 per month and covers the majority of your pet’s routine care, including wellness exams, vaccines, and various kinds of testing. This package is a good choice for people who want some routine coverage but don’t need or can’t afford the Advanced Wellness package. The Advanced package covers all of the same things as the Routine package but adds on heartworm and flea medications, some additional vaccines, and dental cleaning. Of course, if you aren’t interested in any wellness coverage, you always have the choice to go with just the traditional medical coverage by itself.

Streamlined claims process

PetPremium’s claim form is only one page long and can be printed directly from their website. In order to file a claim, you just fill out your information and send it back with your receipts. Unlike most other companies, PetPremium doesn’t require your veterinarian to fill out any part of the claim form which expedites the entire process. To submit your claim, just send it by email, fax, or mail to PetPremium so they can work on it right away. If you’d like, you can also track your claim through your PetPremium online account.

Covers treatment for behavioral issues

If your dog or cat is exhibiting certain undesirable behavior such as destructive chewing, PetPremium pays for you to get your pet diagnosed and treated for their condition to correct the problem. This coverage also includes any lab tests or prescription medications your pet needs as a result of their condition. Though this coverage isn’t a central component of a pet insurance policy, it isn’t something you’ll find with every company in the industry, making it all the more valuable if you happen to need it.

The Bad

Certain coverage exclusive to pricier plans

In order to get adequate coverage for your pet with a hereditary or congenital condition, you have to purchase either the Level 3 or Level 4 plan. Additionally, if you’re interested in wellness and routine care coverage for your pet, your options are again limited to PetPremium’s Level 3 and 4 plans. However, it’s great to see PetPremium offer these types of coverage to their customers at all.

The Details


  • Co-Payment: 10-30%
  • Deductible: $100, $250, or $500
  • Maximum Age of Pet to Be Insured: Unlimited
  • Maximum Annual Benefit: Unlimited
  • Maximum Benefit Per Incident: $2,500 - $7,000

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