Pets Best Review

Pets Best's traditional and specialty pet insurance plans provide some of the best protection around, including coverage for exam fees, pregnancy, and other non-standard expenses, at no additional cost to the consumer.

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The Good

Specialty plans available

If you aren’t interested in purchasing a traditional pet insurance policy but would still like some protection for your pet, one of Pets Best’s specialty plans may be a great fit. The Accident-Only plan doesn’t offer any coverage against illnesses but pays for surgeries, hospitalization, and medication costs related to restoring your pet to full health following an accident. Their Cancer-Only plan provides up to $30,000 of benefits for cancer treatments. If you own a cat, you may also be interested in Pets Best’s Feline Illness plan, which covers serious illnesses common in cats such as kidney failure.

Flexibility in deductible and copay options

Pets Best insurance gives you the option to decide how much you want to pay for your deductible and copay, or whether you’d like to not have a deductible or copay at all. Though many companies give you a few choices for both, it’s rare to find a company that’s willing to offer you a policy without requiring you to pay more than just your premium. Before choosing this route, though, you should take note that doing so may result in higher monthly premiums as a tradeoff. Still, it’s nice to see Pets Best offering this option to their customers who may be unwilling or unable to pay expensive vet bills should the need arise.

Pregnancy-related costs covered

Pets Best pays for many costs associated with pregnancy for most types of dogs and cats. Pregnancy coverage is very difficult to find in this industry, so Pets Best is definitely worth considering if you plan on breeding your pets.

Exam fees included

Although all pet insurance companies pay for treatment related to accidents and illnesses, Pets Best is one of the few that also covers the exam fees. This is included in their standard coverage and isn’t something you have to pay extra for. Though it may not be as crucial to some people as hospitalization coverage, for example, exam fees could become fairly expensive, particularly if your pet has to go back for follow-up visits.

Global veterinarian access

Most pet insurance providers let you visit any vet in the U.S. or Canada, but Pets Best takes this a step further by covering medical treatment received from any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the world. This is especially useful if you travel frequently and like to take your pet with you. Veterinarian eligibility is something that is often overlooked when purchasing pet insurance, but it’s something you’ll want to think about.

The Bad

Annual and lifetime coverage limits

Pets Best places limits on how much they pay you each year and over the lifetime of your pet and, once these limits are reached, you’re on your own. Although almost every pet insurance provider imposes some kind of restriction on benefits — whether it be per incident, annual, or lifetime — many only have a single restriction and a select few have none at all. Though it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach your coverage limits, choosing a company with fewer restrictions like Trupanion could be a smart move if this concerns you.

Scant discounts

Though you can save 5% by insuring multiple pets on the same plan, Pets Best insurance doesn’t offer much in the way of discounts. You won’t earn any savings by microchipping your pet or paying annually. These aren’t found with every company in the industry, but there are some that do give their customers these options to save. If you’re interested in these types of discounts, you may want to look into companies like Petplan USA.

The Details


  • Co-Payment: 0-30%
  • Deductible: $0 - $1,000
  • Maximum Age of Pet to Be Insured: Unlimited
  • Maximum Annual Benefit: $5,000 - $20,000
  • Maximum Benefit Per Incident: Unlimited

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