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In addition to providing quality pet insurance for cats and dogs, Nationwide is one of the very few companies that also has policies available for birds and exotic pets. They offer a wide variety of plans to choose from, though pets must be under 10 years of age to be eligible.

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The Good

Insures all types of pets

Nationwide is unique when you consider they insure birds and other exotic pets in addition to cats and dogs. In fact, Nationwide earned the top spot for Avian and Exotic Pet Insurance in our round-up of the best pet insurance providers. This includes all types of animals from rabbits and hamsters to iguanas and snakes. Because treatments needed by these types of pets are very different and commonly more expensive than treatments for cats and dogs, a special policy is necessary to make sure they receive an appropriate level of coverage. Note that you cannot get a quote for birds or exotic pets on Nationwide’s website so you must call and speak to a representative.

Wellness-only policies available

If you’re only looking for basic coverage for your pet, choosing an wellness-only policy from Nationwide pet insurance is the more affordable way to go. These plans don’t offer any coverage for illnesses or accidents, but it will cover most everything in your pet’s regular checkup like exams, shots, flea, and some testing. Thise plans operate on a benefit schedule which means each covered procedure has a maximum amount it will pay for along with an annual total maximum for the whole plan, but it can offer a cheap option for routine care only.

Expedient quote tool

Nationwide’s quote process is very straightforward and easy to complete. First, you enter some basic information about your pet like its name, species, breed, and birth date. Then you select how much coverage you want and what you’d like your deductible to be. Once you complete that, you can view your complete policy, including descriptions of a number of common pet injuries and illnesses and how much the insurance provider reimburses you for each. From there, you just answer a few more questions about your pet and enter your payment information. You can email or save your quotes at any time if you’re not ready to make a purchase. Quotes can also be completed over the phone.

Discounts for multiple pets

Nationwide pet insurance doesn’t offer many ways to save on your policy, but if you insure multiple pets you can save 5% on your premium.

The Bad

Doesn't cover congenital conditions

Although Nationwide does cover the majority of illnesses, including hereditary conditions, they don’t pay for treatments required due to a congenital disorder, which is a condition your pet has from birth. They’re considered pre-existing conditions and aren’t covered. Though it’s very common for pet insurance providers to refuse insurance for pre-existing conditions, congenital conditions are usually not classed as pre-existing by most other companies. If you own a pet that has a birth defect that may require treatment, you’ll want to select a different company.

Most plans operate on a benefit schedule

Nationwide’s “Whole Pet with Wellness” coverage — the most premium plan — works by paying 90% of your total vet bill with only a $250 deductible and an unlimited annual maximum. However, it’s other two, more moderate, plans both operate on a benefit schedule. That means instead of paying a percentage of your total bill, it will only cover up to a certain amount per treatment. This sample plan of Nationwide’s mid-level coverage, “Major Medical”, gives you a good idea of the limits you will have on first and second diagnosis of illnesses and accidents.

The Details


  • Deductible: $250 (Whole Pet and Major Medical Plans)
  • Maximum Age of Pet to Be Insured: Unlimited (Pet must be enrolled prior to 10 years old)
  • Maximum Annual Benefit: Unlimited (Whole Pet and Major Medical Plans), $400 - $500 (Pet Wellness Plans)
  • Maximum Benefit Per Accident: Benefit Schedule (Major Medical and Pet Wellness Plans), None (Whole Pet Plan)

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