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Last updated on Nov 22, 2019

NomNomNow Review

Fresh, healthy pet food — delivered straight to your door ​
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  • Customizable, made-to-order meals for cats or dogs
  • Cooked with real meat and veggies
  • Easy tear-and-serve packaging
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NomNomNow Review

After watching their Australian Shepherd, Harlee, suffer from immune problems, founding members Zach Phillips, Alex Jarrell and Nate Phillips, took their vet’s advice and started cooking fresh meals for her. Harlee recovered as a result, and with the help of their vet, Dr. Shmalberg, the Nom Nom team offers whole, rich ingredients to dogs all over the country. With a variety of options tailored to your dog or cat’s specific needs, Nom Nom looks to not only provide you with an easier way to shop for pet food, but it also has your pet’s future in mind.

The Claim

Nom Nom claims to provide “care-grade” meal options for your pets, meaning that each dish is made with fresh, wholesome ingredients and packaged to fit your dog’s (or cat’s) calorie needs. Nom Nom contends that by investing in its menus, you will lead your pet down a path to an overall greater quality of life: “better food, better health.” Whether it be weight loss, weight gain or increased energy, Nom Nom claims to bring you the convenience and tools to help your pet get there.

Is it true?

Yes. When we evaluated Nom Nom’s service, it consistently passed all of our tests. We evaluated 15 companies that offered complete, raw meals via subscription delivery service and fell in love with Nom Nom’s wide variety of meals, customized to your pet’s age, size, and activity level.

Nom Nom’s menu is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). These certifications aren’t required to sell dog food in the U.S. — but we appreciate that the company is willing to go the extra mile to ensure its formulas are safe and nutritious.

What really put Nom Nom over the edge, though, was its new line of cat food — it’s formulated to fit feline health necessities, with dishes high in protein and water content, both of which lead to increased energy levels. Companies that deliver freshly cooked cat and dog food are uncommon — most specialize in one or the other.

Product Overview

Best for

People who want quality food for their specific type of dog or cat, without having to cook or take a trip to the pet store.

Not for

Those who prefer buying cheap dog food in bulk at the store or on their own time.


Price for dogs
  • Small dog (5-10 lbs): $108–$120/month
  • Medium size dog (30 lbs): $155–$200/month
  • Large dog (80 lbs): $220-$328/month
Price for cats Average (8 lbs): $245–256/month
Standout features
  • Freshly-prepared, pre-portioned (based on the profile of your cats or dogs)
  • All food is cooked to order in the Nom Nom facility
  • Veterinarian-advised formulas and ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Variety of meals — 5 options for dogs and 3 for cats
Delivery range Anywhere in the U.S.
Customer ratings

Customizable pet food delivered to your door

When you set up your initial account, Nom Nom let’s you enter your dog’s height, weight, age and health goals to gauge portion sizes. Then, depending on your location, the company will send you a weekly, biweekly, or monthly package of high quality, gently cooked for your dog or cat. When we tested Nom Nom, our first order came with our initial food pick as well as samples of the other four options they offer, so if our dog liked something else, we could easily switch, or choose a variety. The staple options come in beef, turkey, chicken, pork and egg varieties, making Nom Nom the leader in providing choices for your pet.

Options for cats

As of May 2018, the company started offering cat food. Kevin Campbell, senior marketing manager at Nom Nom, told us that the brand’s cat food recipes are designed to help combat health problems specific to cats. Kidney disease, for example, is common in cats and can be prevented with a “therapeutic diet regimen,” which can be executed by controlling the amount of nutrients your cat consumes.

This is what Nom Nom aims to do for you. As with its dog food options, the website reveals the exact breakdown of the nutrition facts for feline recipes of chicken and fish, you can pick the one you want, enter your cat’s specifics and you’re on your way to providing your cat with the food therapy they need.

While we have yet to physically test Nom Nom’s cat food in-house, we did our research and rummaged any reviews available on this new feature. Customers claim they prefer the convenience of the pre-portioned, tear-and-serve packages for both cats and dogs in lieu of going to the grocery store and stocking up on heavy bags of food. Others contend that even the pickiest of feline friends approve of Nom Nom’s recipes.

Quality ingredients

Each Nom Nom recipe is formulated by Dr. Shmalberg to fit the exact amount of nutrients dogs and cats need. You can even hear why he chose what he did below the selections on the website.

All food is made fresh to order at the Nom Nom facility every week, so you know you’re not getting months-old, frozen leftovers. Nom Nom is confident these fresh ingredients will accomplish health milestones for your pet end reduce trips to the veterinarian in the long-run. Its 30-day guarantee coincides with a guide devised to show you how quickly the results can take effect, as Nom Nom projects your dog will have a shinier coat and reduced allergy symptoms by week four.

Convenient packaging

We loved how easy mealtime was for our pets with Nom Nom. Compared to other contenders, Nom Nom’s individual, tear-and-serve pouches left us with less mess and a quicker clean-up than the competition — there’s no scooping, mixing, storing leftovers or draining involved.

Possible Drawbacks


This isn’t the brand for you if you’re looking for the cheapest dog food option out there. The 18-pound bag of dry kibble in the store for $20–$30 will last for weeks, whereas Nom Nom will drain over $100–$300 out of your wallet every month.

However, while you might save with cheaper kibble, you could end up spending feeling more in other, unexpected costs, like increased vet visits due to a low-quality diet, or nonmonetary costs, like, taking the time to portion your dog’s meals, cleaning up messes, trips to buy dog food, etc.

Delivery flexibility

Nom Nom’s delivery options didn’t leave us with a lot of wiggle room. You’re locked into one delivery option depending on where you live (for most of you on the East Coast, it’ll probably be one delivery of 56 meals every four weeks), so you can’t vary your delivery frequency based on your schedule.

However, you can pause your subscription up to two weeks in advance by logging onto your account and adjusting your settings, and you can email customer service directly if you need to stock up on extra meals before a vacation.

Canceling your subscription is also a bit of a hassle. While you can pause your next two deliveries on the website, you’ll have to call or email customer service to permanently cancel your subscription. On the plus side, the customer service is highly responsive.

The Competition

Nom Nom
The Farmer’s Dog
Just Food
Monthly cost approximation
Dogs: $96–$256
Cats: $132
Dogs: $72–$360
Cats: n/a
Dogs: $50–375
Cats: $77–$176
Dogs: n/a
Cats: $70–$148
Recipe options
Dogs: 5
Cats: 2
Dogs: 3
Cats: n/a
Dogs: 8
Cats: 1
Dogs: n/a
Cats: 3
Customizable options
Delivery flexibility

Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a solid choice if you’re looking for a pet food delivery service specific to dogs — if you have cats, you won’t be able to order their food here. Like Nom Nom, you can enter your dog’s information (weight, energy level, and other health issues) into your profile, and The Farmer’s Dog will send you meal portions based on this information.

We like that you can choose between ordering a full meal plan or a “topper plan,” which is a reduced meal plan that lets you incorporate The Farmer’s Dog recipes into your old dog food if you’re not quite ready to part ways. However, mealtime with The Farmer’s Dog was not quite as efficient as with Nom Nom. Although the food comes in pre-portioned packages, you still have to squeeze the correct amount, and they aren’t resealable (this can get messy).

There’s also a good amount of ordering flexibility if you don’t want to be locked into The Farmer’s Dog’s schedule — you can choose how much you want shipped and when, and this can vary between two and 12-week intervals.

Nom Nom vs. Just Food for Dogs

Just Food meals are delivered to your door in varying sizes (7, 18 or 72 ounces, depending on what you choose). This gives you more flexibility when it comes to buying pet food, because it’s all on your terms. You even have the option to make your order a one-time or recurring one, which you can then vary between every two, four or eight weeks.

Just Food is a solid option for those whose pets have been prescribed specific diets. Just Food for Dogs offers meals tailored to certain ailments, however, to buy these, the diet must be prescribed by a veterinarian. The company also offers supplements to combat health problems as well as a custom-made diet option if you can’t find what you need. The caveat: it isn’t readily-available everywhere, and the packages are not individual and pre-portioned for every meal (more room for messes, more work).

While Just Food for Dogs isn’t exactly the same type of delivery service as Nom Nom, we thought it was a solid contender for its amenities and options for cats. Its cat food is not pre-portioned to your pet’s caloric criteria, but as with dog food, Just Food gives you a feeding calculator to let you make the decision on your own. The California-based company also has high shipping prices, so if you live on the other end of the country, a $7, 10 oz. package for your cat can turn into over a $40 one. Granted, these shipping prices won’t apply to everyone.

Nom Nom vs. Smalls

It’s tough to find a quality pet food service that makes its own food and specializes to both cats and dogs. We did, however, find a contender specific to feline friends only. Enter, Smalls. Its recipes were designed with the help of a feline nutritionist, but the company only offers one more recipe than Nom Nom with three different options: Chicken + Kale, Beef + Spinach and Turkey + Peas — all are packed with necessary nutrients for cats. Like Nom Nom, Smalls recipes are made high in protein and water content and low in carbs, since cats are obligate carnivores and get most of their water through fresh meat.

We also like how you can choose how many meals you want to receive each week (seven, 10, or 14). This way, you can decide whether you want Smalls to be your only source of cat food (two Smalls meals per day) or only part, depending on how attached you are to your old cat food.

You’re getting around the same quality with both companies, but you can order food for both your cats and dogs all in one place with Nom Nom. What’s more, the Smalls packaging is known to be a bit of a hassle, even though they do come resealable and BPA-free. Although the seals sometimes break and can be messy, the company is in the process of overhauling the packaging design. We actually learned this bit of information through the “Cat Concierge,” one of Smalls’ customer service features. Not only did we appreciate the honest feedback, we were impressed with how responsive Smalls was — the Cat Concierge made getting in touch as easy as shooting a text and waiting only minutes for a response.

Nom Nom FAQs

How are Nom Nom’s meals formulated?

The company’s recipes are guided by Chief Nutrition Officer Dr. Justin Schmalberg, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Nom Nom even provides nutrition consultations at no cost to meet each pet’s individual needs.

What else can Nom Nom do for my pet?

Aside from providing “care-grade” pet food, Nom Nom can also include supplements, probiotic and prebiotic blend to be exact, to add into your pet’s food to help support a healthy digestive system.

Nom Nom can also provide a microbiome testing kit. Collect a stool sample and send it back using the kit provided, Nom Nom’s team of doctors will analyze and assess the data, and then the results will be shared with you to review and learn about your pet’s gut health.

How does Nom Nom stack up to other dog food brands?

Nom Nom lets you answer this question for yourself. You can plug in your current or old dog food brand into its nutrition comparison calculator to see the difference between fat, protein and calorie amounts.

Can I add more than one pet to my profile?

Yes. When checking out, you can choose the “add another pet” option and enter his or her specifics. You can shop for your Calico, pug and Belgian Malinois all in one place.

Are there any other discounts?

Yes. You will get 20 percent of your first order, and you’ll also get 50 percent off two weeks worth of food if you participate in Nom Nom’s Adoption Program. If you’re looking to adopt, check and see if any of Nom Nom’s partners are near you.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to invest in the pet food delivery service, we think Nom Nom is the most well-rounded and convenient option on the market. Your pets will thank you, too.

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