ACDSee Pro 7 Review

Building on the photo editing and image management capabilities of ACDSee 15, ACDSee Pro 7 adds image processing, richer features, and improved flexibility to deliver a quality product for the professional and near-professional photographer alike.

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The Good

Customizable user interface

The design of ACDSee Pro 7 is very simple and straightforward. If you want to use the software for basic editing needs, it will be quite simple, but that same simplicity may slow down many advanced users. Luckily, the interface is built around customizable panels that are docked to the main window or placed elsewhere so you can create your own workspace.

Improved editing capabilities

ACDSee Pro 7 included several new features not found in Pro 6. For example you can apply a radial and linear gradient as you correct exposure, contrast, clarity, and other aspects of the image. You can also use a brush to sharpen or blur a specific area of your photo, or non-destructively eliminate flaws or other unwanted blemishes. All of the features and more give you the power to dramatically improve the quality of your photos.

Excellent image organization and file management capabilities

ACDSee Pro 7 excels when it comes to file management. You also have access to some of the photo editing features that the majority of professional or near-professional editors would use. If you put a high value on photo management and organization, this software has what you need. The only exception is the lack of facial recognition tagging.

Multiple modes for simple navigation

You can operate the software in one of five modes (Manage, View, Develop, Edit, and Online) by selecting the options at the top right corner of the screen. The various modes allow you to operate ACDSee Pro 7 in a variety of ways. Manage mode allows you to quickly tackle your organization, file management, and photo management needs. The Online mode allows for simple access to the ACDSee website where you can load and store your photos. View mode operates as a standard image viewer with all of the usual options (rotate, full screen, zoom slide) conveniently placed. The Edit mode essentially builds onto the View mode so you can make quick adjustments to your photos.

Easy watermark creation and application

ACDSee Pro 7 has an efficient way for you to watermark your images so nobody else can take credit for them online. You also have the option to create templates to define how and where these watermarks will appear on your selected images.

The Bad

Comparatively few professional editing tools

A lack of layers sets ACDSee Pro 7 far behind the competition in terms of editing tools. Professional editors will also not appreciate the simple painting options that are available. But if you don’t need painting utilities and you aren’t interested in the most cutting-edge editing capabilities, then ACDSee Pro 7 might be worth your consideration based on its photo management capabilities alone.

No facial recognition tagging

Although ACDSee Pro 7 offers strong image and file management capabilities, the one problem is in the area of facial recognition. With the increasing popularity of social media and the explosion of cameras in mobile devices, people are having their pictures taken more than ever. If you regularly deal with these types of images, then having a system that automatically tags each image with the names of the people in the photo becomes invaluable. It gives you the option to sort and find people and individual images.

Lacks video tutorials

ACDSee doesn’t provide video tutorials on their website. Although, ACDSee Pro 7 includes a simple walkthrough at the start of the program that delivers a guide to the general functionality of the product, the lack of supplemental video tutorials slows the learning process when compared to other photo editing products.

The Details


  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: $199.99
  • Upgrade Cost: $59.95


ACDSee Pro 7 retails for $199.99 and can be tested out with a 15-day, full-service free trial.

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