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AtTask is a flexible and customizable project management software that lets you manage your projects your way. While they don't have the best collaboration tools, you'll have a hard time finding a better software for task management.

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The Good

Create new tasks from email

If you are a big Microsoft Outlook user, you’ll be happy to know that you can access most of AtTask’s project management tools without ever leaving your email. You can even add new tasks just by dragging an email into the correct folder in Outlook. A new task will automatically be created in AtTask and any files attached to the email will also be added to the task. Integration like this gives you the chance to work in whatever way is most comfortable to you, whether that be through email or online.

Design and share reports with ease

Designing custom reports in AtTask is as easy as dragging and dropping the information you want into place. You can add or delete columns and rearrange the order with just a few clicks. Once you’ve created the report, you can either export it in several formats or email it directly to others. Tools like these make the whole process of creating a report go much faster, so if you find yourself generating reports frequently, AtTask may be a good project management software to look at.

Save time entering tasks

Rather than manually entering a long list of similar tasks into the system, AtTask allows you to either create a template for commonly used tasks or set up a recurring task schedule, saving you a lot of time that would be otherwise spent tediously reentering the same information. Options like these prove that AtTask obviously puts a high priority on making sure that their software saves you as much time as possible.

Integrates with several third-party programs

AtTask integrates with many business-related applications, including document management programs, like Box and Dropbox, and CRM software, such as SalesForce. Google Apps are supported, and AtTask recently created integration scenarios with Microsoft solutions, including SharePoint. AtTask also offers an API so users can integrate virtually any other program with AtTask.

Add your company logo

You can replace the AtTask logo in the upper left corner with your own company’s logo simply by uploading the image to the system. Although this doesn’t directly pertain to the functioning of the software itself, it adds a layer of professionalism and customization to the software.

The Bad

No designated discussion area

AtTask lets users comment on specific tasks, but they don’t have a designated discussion area within the system. Although it would be nice to see this added to AtTask, the omission shouldn’t pose a huge concern because the comment section will be sufficient for most people’s needs.

Missing resource reports

Though you can create several different types of reports in AtTask, including custom reports, there are no reports available for tracking resources and resource allocation. This information does exist in the system in the form of resource grids, but there is just no way to view this as a report or export it out of AtTask. If someone outside of your organization is interested in this information, they would essentially need to have access to AtTask to view it, which probably isn’t an ideal solution.

Answering machine answers calls

When you contact AtTask by phone, you will almost always get their answering machine, instead of being connected to a real person. If you leave a message, AtTask will call you back, but if you miss their call, you could end up playing phone tag for a while. Chances are, you won’t be contacting the company that much, so this shouldn’t be too big of a problem, but it would still be nice if AtTask let you speak to a real person when you needed to, instead of just when it’s convenient for them.

The Details


  • Active Projects: Contact Company
  • Contract Agreement: Annual
  • Data Storage: Contact Company
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Rate: $30+/user
  • Number of Users: Contact Company


Collaboration License

  • Price per User: Contact Company
  • Users: Contact Company
  • Projects: Contact Company
  • File Storage: Contact Company

Work License

  • Price per User: $30/month
  • Users: Contact Company
  • Projects: Contact Company
  • File Storage: Contact Company

Plan License

  • Price per User: $60/month
  • Users: Contact Company
  • Projects: Contact Company
  • File Storage: Contact Company

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