Daptiv PPM Review

Daptiv PPM excels when it comes to managing and communicating with resources, making it a good choice for enterprises with large teams.

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The Good

Manage your files easily

Daptiv PPM has a very unique feature called DeskDocs, where you can move any file to the DeskDocs folder on your computer and it will be immediately synced with Daptiv, showing up under the Documents tab of your project. From there, users can comment on the file, move it to a folder, or attach it to a task. Daptiv PPM also has version control, so any changes that are made to the document within Daptiv are saved and stored as a separate version. Users can then go back and look at past versions of the document, if necessary.

Send private messages to users

In addition to comments and discussions, Daptiv PPM lets you communicate with your team members through private messages in the system. This isn’t something that you’ll find in most other project management software, but it can be very convenient because users will be able to see your messages without having to switch back and forth between their email inbox and Daptiv.

Keep a close eye on resource allocation

Daptiv PPM has a host of tools available if you need to manage people, including resource load charts and the ability to assign job roles to team members. These tools can be especially important for keeping an eye on who’s available and who’s overworked. One nice feature that is unique to Daptiv is that resource managers can approve, partially fulfill, or decline requests for specific resources. This helps to ensure that resources are allocated properly so that tasks and projects can be completed more efficiently.

Solution templates designed for your business

When you sign up for Daptiv PPM, you select one of five solution templates based off your business needs, including IT Governance, Project Management Office, and Professional Services Automation. Each template comes with different pre-configured project templates, and is designed to help you get the most out of Daptiv’s project management software.

Quickly import data from Excel

If you have several spreadsheets worth of data that you are trying to add to a project, all you have to do is upload the file and complete a web form and Daptiv PPM will take care of the rest. Depending on how much data you have, this could be a huge time saver. It especially comes in handy when you’re transferring from a different project management tool or transitioning into Daptiv for the first time.

The Bad

No immediate product access

You aren’t able to use Daptiv PPM right after you sign up. Instead, you have to wait for the company to contact you after you submit your information online. During the course of our review, we signed up for the product, but did not hear back from Daptiv PPM for over a week, and so we were unable to provide screenshots of the software. If you were hoping to find a software that you could start using right away, it would be a good idea to look at other options.

No client or user reports

With Daptiv PPM, you can generate several different types of reports, including expense and task reports, but one thing it doesn’t have is client reports. These reports can be useful for certain industries, if you have a client looking for a progress update. Similarly, if you want to keep tabs on a particular user, Daptiv doesn’t offer you any reports to help. You do have the option to create custom reports, however, which may make up for some of this.

Doesn't integrate with Google Apps

Daptiv PPM integrates with several third-party programs, including Microsoft Office and Salesforce, but it’s one of the few comprehensive project management solutions that doesn’t integrate with Google Apps. If you have systems built into your process that involve Google Apps, you might want to try another product.

Not easy to customize

Although the dashboard can be changed to your liking, that is about the extent of Daptiv PPM’s customization capabilities. There is no way to add your company logo, nor to customize the project workspaces. While these features are nice to have, they aren’t a necessity but rather something worth knowing before making your choice.

The Details

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Daptiv PPM

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