DeskAway Review

If you are accustomed to occasional operational quirks and have little need for customization or reporting options, then DeskAway provides a solid product for the price, especially for those seeking dedicated issue management functionality.

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The Good

Dedicated issue management controls

Certain groups, particularly those in technical fields that deal with bug reports, will appreciate an issue management system that is differentiated from the task system at the outset. Issues are given a summary title, description, file attachments, deadline, and priority status, and they can be assigned to specific person. In addition, this is the only area of DeskAway where you can upload more than a single file at a time.


For often-repeated projects, DeskAway offers a simple system for creating and storing templates. From then on, any time you create a new project, your template will appear in a corresponding drop-down menu.

Multiple avenues to view deadlines

If you miss a deadline, it will not be because DeskAway failed to keep you informed. Just about wherever you go within the product, deadlines and milestones are presented front and center. They are highlighted when viewing the project page, the calendar and overview, the Dashboard tab, the Calendar tab, the Reports tab, and the search results.

Favorable pricing structure

DeskAway offers a selection of pricing plans similar to the rest of the industry. However, your dollar goes further with DeskAway in the form of more projects, more users (with unlimited users in the Professional plan), and more storage space. They do limit the number of templates per plan, but unless you are a template-creating machine, you should not have an issue.

Nice selection of help articles and videos

The DeskAway website provides a fine selection of help articles in the form of FAQs and video tutorials that will speed the learning curve for those new to the product. Additionally, when you first open DeskAway, every tab includes helpful tips and video links. Simply hide them when they are no longer needed.

In-product search

Since DeskAway lacks a central file or organization system beyond the project level, the ability to find what you need becomes of prime importance. Thankfully, they provide a sortable search system to facilitate the location process.

Blogging functionality

Inside DeskAway, operating a fully functional blog is only a click away. Should you choose, you can broadcast your topics to everyone in your contact list, including clients. Otherwise, you can operate it as an internal method of communication within your company.

The Bad

Lack of customization

DeskAway allows you to create a single category field in which to separate your projects. Other than that and the ability to upload a logo, the product offers no other forms of customization. This severely limits what types of data the system can handle and, subsequently, report. In turn, the inability to modify the product in order to fit your particular needs significantly impacts the entire user experience. You simply do not have the option to even out the quirks of the system.

Import/export capabilities

You cannot import data into DeskAway. For that reason, this product might not even be an option for those who have established projects or data in other products. Exporting fares only slightly better. You can get a full export/backup of your data, except for files, personal contacts, and docs, but this can only be done once per day and can take up to 30 minutes to process. There is no option for exporting individual projects or reports.

Limited reporting functionality

DeskAway prepares only a few simple reports that can be printed but, with the exception of the project progress report, not exported. When this is combined with the absence of customizable fields, you are left with few avenues for analysis. Still, some sets of data, such as timesheets, can be exported into tables that can be modified by external means.

Hard to find specific features

The downside to offering a number of features is that it can be difficult to find what you need at any given point. This is particularly true when a lack of customization forces you to follow a specific process, where what is intuitive to one person may not be intuitive to another. As such, you might have to hunt around a bit to find what you seek until you become comfortable with the product.

The Details


  • Active Projects: 25 - Unlimited
  • Contract Agreement: Annual, Month to Month
  • Data Storage: 2GB - 100GB
  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Monthly Rate: $25 - $179
  • Numbers of Users: 20 - Unlimited



  • Price: $25/month
  • Users: 20
  • Projects: 25
  • File Storage: 2GB


  • Price: $49/month
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 55
  • File Storage: 15GB


  • Price: $99/month
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 135
  • File Storage: 35GB

Super Power

  • Price: $179/month
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: Unlimited
  • File Storage: 100GB

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