Easy Projects Review

Easy Projects offers a surprising number of project management tools at very affordable rates. They even offer a free plan, which could be exactly what you've been looking for if you are on a tight budget.

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The Good

Guest portal keeps clients informed

Through Easy Projects’ guest portal, clients can view progress updates on tasks and projects, contribute to discussions, and even submit new projects to you and your team. All of this information is recorded in Easy Projects, so you can cater to your client’s needs without ever having to leave the system. To make this process even easier, you can assign team members to specific clients, so they will be notified any time that person submits something. The best part is that all guest licenses are completely free, so you can create as many as you want for all of your clients.

Customize virtually everything

In addition to adding your company logo, Easy Projects lets you customize your dashboard so that you are seeing all the relevant information that you need to see on one page. Portfolios can also be changed to your liking by adding custom data fields. You can choose from several types of fields, such as Text, Number, and Yes/No, and if you are on the Enterprise plan, you will be able to add as many of these custom fields as you like. Customization tools like these really help you lay out your projects in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Generous free plan

If your budget is tight, it might be a good idea to look into Easy Projects’ free plan, which offers unlimited projects and 1GB of data. This could be all you need if you have few projects and a small team. Deals like this also allow you test out the software and determine if it will be a good solution for your organization.

Affordable per-user rates on paid plans

Should you decide that you need a little more space than what you can get with their free plan, you will be happy to know that Easy Projects’ paid plans are still considerably less expensive than some other project management software. And if you choose to pay annually, you’ll save another 10%.

Create custom forms

With Easy Projects you can create custom forms to conduct surveys, track project issues, collect information from clients, gather lesson learned on projects, or collect any other type of information that might be useful to you. Custom forms are not a critical characteristic of project management software, but having the ability to easily collect information is a nice perk, and a benefit that many organizations will appreciate.

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

Easy Projects lets you keep track of your progress and add tasks straight from your Microsoft Outlook inbox. It may seem like a small thing, but this could end up saving you a significant amount of time. If you want to add a task, for example, you don’t have to log all the way into Easy Projects. All you have to do is write out the task, attach the necessary files, and email it, and it will be there the next time you enter the system. You can also respond to comments or discussions in this way. This helps to keep all communication centralized within the system, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between your email inbox and Easy Projects.

The Bad

Can't create dependencies between projects

Easy Projects does not allow you to create cross-project dependencies, which is rather unfortunate because it is unlikely that you will only have one project that you need to work on. Without the ability to keep track of these dependencies in the system, you will have to do so yourself, and that may be problematic to certain project managers.

Can't comment directly on files

In Easy Projects, files and comments both attach to tasks, so there is no way to comment directly on a file. Although it would be nice to see this feature added, its omission probably will not pose a huge concern for most people.

The Details


  • Active Projects: Unlimited
  • Contract Agreement: Annual, Month to Month
  • Data Storage: 1GB - 100GB
  • Free Trial: N/A (Free Version Available)
  • Monthly Rate: $0 - $25/user
  • Number of Users: Unlimited



  • Price per User: $0/month
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: Unlimited
  • File Storage: 1GB


  • Price per User: $15.75/month (annual prepayment) $21/month (monthly prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: Unlimited
  • File Storage: 50GB


  • Price per User: $18.75/month (annual prepayment) $25/month (monthly prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: Unlimited
  • File Storage: 100GB

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