The 3 Best Enterprise Project Management Software

Full-featured project management software programs enable enterprises to efficiently track finances, resources, and tasks. Because corporations likely have a large number of users on their account, project management software that offers the most features at an affordable rate is optimal. Strong reporting tools are also probably very important to enterprises. From there, the best project management software depends on what each organization values most. For some, it’s the ability to customize the system to their liking, while for others, it might be strong email integration and mobile apps to help users stay connected when they’re not in the office. The three products listed below represent some of the best in the industry.

Clarizen stands out as the best enterprise project management software because it offers all the necessary tools that make every facet of project tracking extremely easy. A user-friendly project roadmap and cross-project dependencies help you manage multiple projects simultaneously, and resource management tools ensure your entire team is working at their most efficient level. Clarizen also has some very useful budgeting and expense-tracking resources so you always know where your money is going. Strong email integration means that you can contribute to discussions and update your tasks without ever signing in to the system. Clarizen is a bit more expensive than most other options in the industry, but if price isn’t your top concern, you’ll have a hard time finding better enterprise project management software.

EPM Live has an impressive marketplace that offers a wide selection of downloadable apps to customize your project management software. The majority of these apps are absolutely free. Communication within EPM Live feels easy and natural thanks to its designated discussion area and project wikis. You can also leave a comment on everything from tasks to files. If you’re not sure about an upcoming project, you can use EPM Live’s What-If modeling to predict what kind of impact the project will have on your resources and your finances. This tool allows you to look at a proposed project, and determine whether you have the funds and manpower to carry out the project and when would be the most optimal time to do so. You can also make adjustments to the proposed projects. EPM Live has four plans built to accommodate very different needs and budgets, making it well-suited to almost any enterprise. Staying connected to your projects while out of the office may be a little more difficult with EPM Live because it doesn’t offer any mobile apps, but this probably won’t be a huge concern for most.

Celoxis claims a spot among the best enterprise project management software programs because of its strong resource management tools and highly reasonable per-user rate. It’s easy to keep tabs on what every employee in your organization is doing with the resource-load chart, which enables you to view which staff members are under- or overworked. If you already have a list of tasks saved elsewhere, such as Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel, Celoxis allows you to import these tasks with a simple upload function rather than adding them manually. Celoxis even helps you to stay connected to your projects when you’re not logged in. Automated reports will keep you informed of the latest developments, and you can respond to comments and discussions right from your inbox. You won’t be able to get access to a mobile app with Celoxis, although that shouldn’t be a deal breaker for most people. Each Celoxis plan comes with an unlimited number of projects and 500 MB of free storage space per user, so you can be sure that you’re getting a great value for your money.