EPM Live Review

EPM Live leads the pack in terms of team collaboration and allows you to customize your project management experience through an impressive app market.

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The Good

Customize with EPM Live apps

EPM Live has an entire app store filled with additional features and third-party programs that can be integrated with your EPM Live account. You can use these apps to add to do lists or wikis to your portfolio, and to integrate with Salesforce or Microsoft Office, among others. There are a few apps that you must pay for, but the majority of them are completely free. Having the option to add in only the extra features that you want makes customizing EPM Live simple, and you won’t have to deal with the excess clutter of tools that you know you won’t use.

Track time accurately

Using the built-in timer, you can accurately track the time that you’ve spent on a project, and then add that information to your timesheet in EPM Live. You can also record time for different categories, such as billable and non-billable hours. When your timesheet is completed, you are able to generate a time report and submit the timesheet to the manager for approval.

What-if modeling provides insight

EPM Live has what they call “What-if” modeling for finances and resources that lets you see the impacts that proposed projects could have on your team and your finances. You can create financial and resource targets as well to help you make decisions about how to handle the upcoming projects.

Simple to communicate and collaborate

You can add comments to any item within EPM Live, even files. This is a great option to have because it helps keep information centralized and streamlines communication. If you have a little more to say, you can always start a new discussion thread where other users can add in their opinions. Another great collaboration tool not found among most other project management software is a project wiki, where team members can work together, post best practices, and discuss certain aspects of the projects or tasks.

The Bad

Can't use the software right away

EPM Live doesn’t allow you to start using the software immediately after signing up. Instead, you have to wait for the company to contact you first about your order. And it can take quite a while for them to get back to you. When we attempted to order the product, we didn’t hear back from EPM Live for over a week. If you were hoping to start using your project management software immediately, you may want to look into some other choices.

Doesn't integrate with Google Apps

EPM Live integrates with a lot of useful third-party programs, including Salesforce and Microsoft Office, but surprisingly, it does not offer any integration with Google Apps. If you already use Google Apps for managing your business documents and projects, you may find this a little frustrating. However, there are plenty of other project management software out there that do support Google Apps.

The Details


  • Active Projects: Contact Company
  • Contract Agreement: 36 months
  • Data Storage: Contact Company
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Rate: Contact Company
  • Number of Users: Contact Company


EPM Live

  • Price per User: Contact Company
  • Users: Contact Company
  • Projects: Contact Company
  • File Storage: Contact Company

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