LiquidPlanner Review

Professional project managers will either love LiquidPlanner or hate it. For those who are new to project management software, LiquidPlanner could save the day by forcing you to stay disciplined.

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The Good

Powerful software unique to the competition

Most professional project management software is built to be flexible and customizable, but not LiquidPlanner. It forces a new way of managing projects, the Liquid Approach, which makes you think about managing projects in the same way that its creators do. For many organizations, it will be an approach that saves a lot of time and money.

Easy to use for those with little knowledge of project management

The functionality is excellent and the organization of everything is clear and simple to navigate. The design is clean and easy on the eyes, which is fortunate because you cannot customize the look or feel of your workspace. The software is powerful and fast, leaving very little to complain about. You can select multiple tasks and edit in bulk, which is a huge win. This is especially important for assigning a group of tasks. The only real issue is that you cannot in-line edit tasks within the sheet view.

Great customer support

LiquidPlanner is present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, and they are nothing short of active on all four platforms. If you have an issue and post it on one of these social networking platforms, you are likely to get a quick response. Twitter and Facebook seem to be the best platforms for getting help. LiquidPlanner also has email support that is efficient and helpful. They go above and beyond in all areas of customer support.

World-class scheduling tool

The software is built to save a lot of time by making scheduling and planning automated. All you have to do is start adding tasks and the software takes care of the rest.

Excellent time tracking features

When combining LiquidPlanner’s two main concepts of estimating time and only working on one task at a time, scheduling becomes automated. With traditional project management software, you would need to set dependencies to get the same result. LiquidPlanner just builds that in automatically. If you are on board with their approach to project management, there is no better software on the market.

Temporarily restrict employees from re-prioritizing tasks

LiquidPlanner allows individual users to reprioritize their tasks. Some managers may appreciate this feature as it enables employees to have autonomy over their work. However, there may be cases where a manager needs to tightly control when tasks are completed, and a recently added feature allows managers to temporarily restrict reprioritizing, ensuring that the project is completed as designed.

Ability to import tasks and projects from Excel

One of the key features for anybody who deals with a lot of tasks is the ability to import via Excel or CSV. LiquidPlanner allows you to do this efficiently and effectively.

The Bad

Expensive for simple project management software

We decided to put LiquidPlanner in the category of simple project management software because it is lacking all features related to financial management. To that point, the pricing structure of LiquidPlanner ($29 per month per user) is very high in comparison to the other options within the simple project management software category. LiquidPlanner is the rare project management solution that could be a great option for both simple project management and more comprehensive needs. If and when LiquidPlanner releases updates that support financials management, they will jump over to a top contender in the comprehensive project management software category.

Cannot customize the look and feel

Just as the Liquid Approach makes LiquidPlanner a one-of-a-kind product, for some users this can also be its fatal flaw. For startups and small businesses that are forced to multitask, LiquidPlanner will be a nightmare.

Cannot assign multiple personnel to a task

The entire software is built around the concept that you cannot work on more than one task at the same time. Technically, it is not possible to work on more than one task at the same time, so it makes sense. Added on to that concept is the idea that you cannot accurately estimate exact hours or even days to complete a task. Instead, you estimate a range, and then LiquidPlanner automatically calculates a range of possible completion dates. This leaves you with more accurate estimates (a best finish date, worst-case finish date, and most likely finish date).

Missing financial management features

LiquidPlanner is missing financial management features, which is one of the most important feature sets of professional-grade project management software. For simple project management software, this may not be as important. This point alone is what drove us to categorize LiquidPlanner as a simple project management software instead of a comprehensive project management software.

The Details


  • Active Projects: 50 - 2,000
  • Contract Agreement: Annual, Month to Month
  • Data Storage: 25GB - 500GB
  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Rate: $29/user - $49/user
  • Number of Users: Unlimited



  • Price: $29/user/month (annual prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 50
  • File Storage: 25GB


  • Price: $39/user/month (annual prepayment
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 300
  • File Storage: 100GB


  • Price: $49/user/month (annual prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 2,000
  • File Storage: 500GB

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