Projecturf Review

Communicating with your team within Projecturf is easy, but if you spend much time out of the office, the absence of a mobile app could be frustrating.

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The Good

Easily communicate with your team

Projecturf helps keep you up to date on your team members’ actions with their excellent collaboration tools, including an activity feed found in the dashboard that shows all recent activity on tasks or projects in the system. There’s also a designated discussion area that you can use to post questions or ideas to share with your team and get feedback. If you just need to talk to one person, you can send them a private message in Projecturf. And when you’re collaborating with others on a task or project, you’ll love the whiteboards, which function like Google Docs within Projecturf and let you collaborate in real time.

Make it your own

Projecturf enables you to customize your dashboard and workspaces to make working within the system feel natural and intuitive. If there are certain features that you do not need for a certain project — for example, reporting functionality — you can easily turn off this feature. This is on a project-by-project basis, so just because you’ve disabled in one project doesn’t mean it will disappear from your other projects. Similarly, you can turn off selected features within the dashboard. Projecturf also allows you to customize the colors in your account to whatever you like, so you can adjust it to fit in with your company’s image.

Eight available plans

Projecturf offers eight different plans, all of which have a flat monthly rate and allow for an unlimited number of users to be added to the account. This allows you to focus on how much file storage space and how many projects your organization needs. Most people should be able to get what they need at a very reasonable price, but those willing to pay extra can get access to an unlimited amount of storage space and projects.

Frequent updates and improvements

As you scroll through Projecturf’s update log, you can see that the company regularly updates the software with new features and improved functionality. Projecturf maintains a Suggestions forum where you can submit ideas and vote for improvements you think are most valuable. This responsiveness to user input is a good indicator that Projecturf actually cares about your experience with the software.

Basic financial and resource management tools

Although Projecturf is classified as a simple project management software, it does possess some basic tools for managing finances and resources, including the ability to set permissions and groups for team members and budget tracking tools. These resources are not often found among simple software, and so if you are interested in having access to these tools but don’t feel that you need comprehensive project management software, Projecturf could be just what you’ve been looking for.

The Bad

No dependencies

There is no way to create dependencies between projects or tasks within Projecturf. This is a huge omission because it is very common for tasks to depend on other tasks, and without a way of keeping track of this information in the system, it could be difficult to schedule your projects efficiently. This could be especially problematic for organization that are managing dozens of projects and hundreds of tasks.

Difficult to stay connected on the go

Projecturf doesn’t offer any mobile apps nor does it have a mobile website, so if you spend a significant amount of time out of the office, staying up to date on what’s happening with your projects could be a little difficult. Projecturf has been working on an app for some time now, so hopefully that will be out in the near future.

Limited reporting tools

Projecturf does not come with any built-in reports for keeping track of tasks or resources. This could be a big problem for some because these reports are crucial to making informed decisions about future projects. However, Projecturf does allow you to create custom reports, so you may still be able to generate reports on the data that you need, though it will take a little more effort on your part.

The Details


  • Active Projects: 1 - 150
  • Contract Agreement: Annual, Month to Month
  • Data Storage: None - 100GB
  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Monthly Rate: $0 - $200
  • Numbers of Users: 1 - Unlimited



  • Price: Free
  • Users: 1
  • Projects: 0
  • File Storage: No File Uploads


  • Price: $20/month (monthly prepayment) $17/month (annual prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 5
  • File Storage: 5GB


  • Price: $50/month (monthly prepayment) $42/month (annual prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 30
  • File Storage: 20GB


  • Price: $100/month (monthly prepayment) $83/month (annual prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 80
  • File Storage: 50GB


  • Price: $200/month (monthly prepayment) $167/month (annual prepayment)
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Projects: 150
  • File Storage: 100GB

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