Buildium Review

Buildium is a premier web-based property management software best suited for residential properties and associations. Whether your portfolio is small and homogenous, or large and diverse, Buildium gracefully simplifies the property management experience.

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The Good

Clean, Intuitive, and Modern Interface

One of Buildium’s great accomplishments is a simplified menu made up of five primary options with links to common tasks in logical places on the home page. Thus, you can access all the important tasks you need without dealing with a cluttered and overbearing menu system.

Abundance of Features

Buildium includes the majority of accounting, reporting, and management features in its system, and it seamlessly integrates with other services provided by outside organizations. For example, running a credit check on prospective tenants is part of the rental application screen and can be easily utilized at your discretion. It also has a mobile application that enables you to edit and view tenant and property information, use mapping capabilities, and access the full Buildium website.

Enhanced Photo-Upload Tool

Buildium used to limit the number of photos you could upload to four per property and forced you to use a Flash-based upload tool that many users were frustrated with. However, it recently updated the uploading resources and you can now upload multiple photos at the same time. In addition, you are no longer limited to just four images per property. All the photos you upload appear in your public listings, giving you the ability to showcase your properties as you please — so you can fill your rental units faster.

Step-by-Step Usability

Many of the processes in Buildium are broken down into individual steps. For example, entering a bill is broken down into two clearly defined parts. This lets the user know if every input in a task is completed correctly. Buildium goes a step further by briefly showing a banner across the top of the screen that clearly specifies the task was completed.

Easy Startup

Following your first log in, Buildium offers a video tutorial of basic tasks. In the bottom corner, there is a menu of shortcuts to common tasks. In addition, Buildium has a very thorough user manual that includes a section of recommendations and screenshots intended to help people get started. It also offers the FastStart Training Series, which is a set of 30-minute videos that focus on various aspects of the software.

Equal Efficiency

Buildium can be used just as successfully for managing residential and commercial properties, as well as associations. This will especially benefit large companies that manage a diverse array of properties since they can use just one software program for all their needs.

The Bad

Underwhelming Dashboard

The main dashboard presents high-level information on units, leases, rental applications, and outstanding balances, as well as lists of upcoming tasks and recent activity. Overall, it looks clean and grants you quick access to various parts of the system, but if a highly customizable, widget-heavy dashboard is important to you, Buildium may not be the right fit.

Limited Reporting Functionality

Buildium has the ability to generate dozens of reports, but customization is limited and there is no internal report viewer. After a report is generated, it must be downloaded and exported as PDF, XLS, or CSV files.

The Details


  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Monthly Minimum Fee: $45
  • Price — Commercial Property: N/A
  • Price — Residential Property: Bulk pricing dependent on plan choice and number of units.
  • Discounts: Billing annually receives 10% off


Buildium pricing is based on your choice of either the Buildium Core plan or the Buildium Pro plan, with discounts for those who choose to be billed per year rather than per month. Prices vary largely depending on the number of units you manage. The Core plan price increases for every 10 units in your portfolio, up to 150 units. At 151 and up, you will have to purchase the Pro plan. Buildium is very scalable and can handle large and diverse portfolios, but small property management companies will appreciate the low $45/month minimum fee. Experimenting with the 15-day free trial will give you a good opportunity to see what Buildium has to offer.

  • Up to 150 Units:
    • Core: $45-$225 per month
    • Pro: $150-$240 per month
  • 151 Units and Up (Pro Only):
    • $240 and Up per month

To see exactly how much it will cost for your exact amount of units, check Buildium's easy-to-use sliding scale.

Core vs. Pro and Add-on Features

Using Buildium Core will give you the bare-bones software with the option to add-on other options as you see fit, allowing you to customize the system to suit your needs. The features included with your Core subscription can be found Buildium's easy-to-use sliding scale.. Additional features are listed below.

  • Online Payments: $99 Setup Fee per Bank Account, $0.50 per EFT, 2.75% Per Credit Card Transaction
  • Basic Tenant Screening: $15 Per Screen
  • eLease: $5 Per Electronic Lease
  • 1099 Electronic Filing: $25 Per Batch + $3 Per Form for Mailing
  • Letter Printing and Mail Service: $0.80 Per One-Page Mailing (postage included)
  • Property Inspections: Starting at $40 Per Month

Choosing the Pro plan will automatically include most of these features as a part of your subscription. The only additional features you’ll need to pay extra for with the Pro plan are online payments for owners and vendors, electronic 1099 filing, letter printing and mail service, and premium tenant screening.

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