Point2 Property Manager Review

Point2 Property Manager has the fundamental property management tasks covered and is a solid choice for those who want an affordable, easy-to-learn, web-based solution for single-family and multi-unit residential property management.

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The Good

Simplified processes

Point2 Property Manager has done well at breaking down processes into manageable tasks. One example of this can be found in the bill pay services, where you can easily enter a bill, select a vendor, select the terms, and select or add a unique category. The completed bill is automatically posted to the appropriate accounting records. Having simplified processes minimizes the learning curve, enabling you to quickly get comfortable with commonly performed tasks.

Easy navigation

Point2 Property Manager has a basic design that ensures fundamental property management tasks are easy to accomplish. This simplicity allows for quick learning. The menu is made up of six different options with intuitive names that accurately reflect the types of tasks you’re able to access. When you hover over a menu option, a drop-down list appears. When you click a menu option, the same items listed in the drop-down appear in a submenu bar near the top of the screen. Having both options might be considered unnecessary, but you won’t have to worry about navigation while you’re working in the system.

Easy access to common reports

Common reports like Rent Roll, Delinquency, Vacancy, and Unit Status are prominently featured and can be generated just one click away from your main menu. An additional reporting bonus is the ability to package multiple reports. This feature enables you to combine a defined set of reports and then send them to owners or other interested stakeholders.

Comprehensive technical support

Point2 has a strong technical support framework that includes virtual and on-site training, a dedicated support email address listed on their website, and phone support during extended business hours. In addition, while logged into the software, a link to submit a support ticket can be found at the bottom of the page. Point2 also has a decent social media presence with company accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The accounts are updated fairly regularly and are a good way to reach out to the company.

The Bad

Not highly customizable

Overall, Point2 Property Manager is designed well and has a logical feel, but the ability to customize the dashboard and other main pages is fairly limited. The lack of customization extends to reporting as well. Despite offering a strong set of reports, Point2 does not include custom report functionality. Property managers with large or diverse portfolios may feel limited by the inability to customize.

The Details


  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Monthly Minimum Fee: $50
  • Price - Commerical Property: N/A
  • Price - Residential Property: $1/unit/month
  • Volume Discount: Contact Company


Point2 Property Manager is among the most affordable property management software in the industry. Point2 keeps pricing simple by following the common industry standard of offering a subscription service and charging $1/unit/month. The required monthly minimum fee is $50, which is low relative to most competitors. Volume discounts are available, as well as a variety of add-on services, but you will have to contact Point2 to get more specific information. Experimenting with the 14-day free trial will help you get familiar with the software and give you a good sense of its usability and functionality.

The following add-on services require contacting Point2 Property Manager for more price information:

  • Marketing Website
  • Resident Portal
  • Tenant Screening
  • Online Rent Payment
  • Electronic Bill Payment
  • Debt Collection

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