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Propertyware is a feature-rich property management software that provides the tools critical to successful property management. With flexible reporting and built-in analytics, Propertyware helps you get the most out of your data, but medium and large portfolios will definitely feel the impact of limited price-volume discounts.

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The Good

Clear property hierarchy

Propertyware organizes properties according to portfolio, building, and units. Not all property management software solutions enable you to organize your properties in this manner. If you manage several portfolios, keeping everything organized and easily accessible can be difficult. Delineating properties in this way draws clear lines around each portfolio, and enables you to better manage your data and navigate your properties.

Customizable dashboard

Propertyware enables you to customize your dashboard with dashlets, which are graphical representations of your reports. Dashlets have a link that takes you from the graphical image to the actual report. You have the ability to create multiple dashboards, enabling you to group various types of information. There are dozens of reports to choose from and they can be displayed using seven different graph styles. Not every report looks good in graphical form, but having the ability to view your reports in this manner may help you better understand your data and recognize anomalies.

Very extensive reporting options

Propertyware has impressive reporting capabilities. The report gallery consists of dozens of default reports grouped into ten high-level categories. You can generate custom reports and store them in a custom folder for future use. After a report is generated, you can choose to view it in the browser or download it to HTML, PDF, or Excel.

Useful internal calendar

Propertyware has a functional calendar built into the software that enables you to easily add tasks and keep track of your schedule. You can also sync your calendar and contact list with Google or Microsoft Outlook. With all of your calendars integrated into one place, managing your appointments just got a whole lot easier.

Unique listing tool

The marketing resources provided by Propertyware enable you to view all the properties you have listed in a way that is very easy to manage. Each listing entry contains comprehensive unit information as well as links to prospective tenants and published floor plans. You can sort listings according to several characteristics and even view units on a map. Staying on top of all your vacant units has the potential to become a major chore and a drain on your time but with the resources provided by Propertyware, managing vacant properties is simplified, enabling you to focus on finding quality tenants.

Integrated analytics

Propertyware integrates Google AdWords and Google Analytics right into the system. Google AdWords provides an easy way for you to advertise on Google and its ad partners. Google Analytics enables you to track information on the number of users who visited your websites, how they found the site, and what specific pages they explored. This data can be analyzed and used to make improvements to your websites.

Unique data management resources

For the technical property managers out there, Propertyware is one of the few vendors that is capable of exchanging data through a SOAP API. This enables you to export your data into a number of formats, including XML. This probably won’t be a necessary feature for smaller property management companies, but for those with large portfolios, being able to manage your data in this way can be a great asset.

Great access to training materials

Propertyware provides a series of training guides, videos, and webinars addressing specific property management tasks. For example, a potentially complicated task like accounting has six training guides, 11 videos, and six webinars, each focused on a particular accounting task. Similar sets of resources address more than a dozen specific areas.

The Bad

Processes are not clearly mapped

Propertyware ranks very high in features and provides the tools to accomplish the vast majority of tasks associated with property management. However, as you work through major tasks, Propertyware provides no indication of where you are in the process. Many comparable products break major tasks into individual steps and indicate in some way that the task was completed. Without these features, your ability to quickly learn major processes and have confidence that they were completed successfully is compromised.

Unique vocabulary

Having similarities across terms and processes softens the impact of transitioning to a new product. If you’ve been using a competitor product, the menu and task terms utilized by Propertyware may not always come across intuitively. Be prepared to invest time up front to get comfortable with the vocabulary and confident in your ability to navigate common tasks.

Browser compatibility

One of the major benefits of a cloud-based solution is the ability to access your account from anywhere and on any mobile device. Although Propertyware is compatible with multiple browsers, it is only optimized for Mozilla Firefox. Some of the functionality did not perform well using browsers other than Firefox.

Limited free data storage

Propertyware enables you to store property management documents in the cloud. Having access to important information from any mobile device is nice, but Propertyware limits you to 1 GB of free data storage. You have access to additional storage, but you have to pay for it. Depending on the size of your portfolio and the types of data you are storing, this additional fee is definitely something to be aware of. Visit the pricing section for specific information.

Limited volume price discounts

If you manage less than 1,000 units, Propertyware does not offer volume-price discounts. Propertyware does recommend that you call them if you manage more than 1,000 units, suggesting that a price discount may be available after you cross that threshold. But if you manage several hundred properties and cost is of particular importance, volume-price discounts can make a big difference in your monthly fee.

The Details


  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Monthly Minimum Fee: $75
  • Price - Commercial Property: $1/unit/month
  • Price - Residential Property: $1/unit/month
  • Volume Discount: 1,000 properties


The Propertyware pricing model is made up of several price ranges that increase in cost based upon the number of units you manage. A $75 monthly minimum is required, and unless you manage over 1,000 units, you are almost always going to be paying more than $1/unit. As your portfolio grows, be prepared for some fairly sharp increases in Monthly Fees. For example, if you currently manage 199 units, your Monthly Fee would be $200. If you added two new units, taking your total unit count to 201, your Monthly Fee would jump to $300. Being aware of these price increases will help you plan for future growth and avoid unexpected fee increases. You can view the pricing table below for more information.

Data Storage

  • Free: 1GB
  • $10/month: 5GB
  • $15/month: 10GB
  • $30/month: 25GB
  • $45/month: 50GB
  • $80/month: 100GB
  • $175/month: 250GB

Premium Add-On Services

  • Standard Website: $500 One-Time Setup Fee, $50 Monthly Fee
  • Advanced Website: $200 One-Time Setup Fee, $50 Monthly Fee
  • SEO & Pay-Per-Click: Contact Company
  • Call Tracking: Contact Company
  • Tenant Screening: Contact Company
  • Lead Tracking: Contact Company
  • Marketplace: Contact Company
  • Marketing Analysis: Contact Company

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