RentPost Review

RentPost delivers an outstanding user interface, fully integrated accounting tools, and a superb work-order management system suited to small and medium-size property management firms of all kinds. Although the software platform is currently missing several time-saving marketing and screening capabilities, RentPost remains a solid choice for its simple yet powerful technologies.

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The Good

Intuitive, information-rich interface

The RentPost software platform rates among the best in the industry when it comes to user experience, with an online interface that’s easy to navigate, uncluttered, and rich with the information you need to stay on top of your business. When you log in to your account, the home screen presents a snapshot of recent business activity, including work-order status updates, new messages from your tenants and property owners, current delinquency and occupancy figures, and a list of the top items on your personal to-do list. Account navigation has been streamlined to help you find the software tools you need quickly. Access tenant and property databases, accounting and reporting tools, and messaging functions with a single mouse click. You’ll never get lost in a complex database or menu system; just click on one of the quick-access tabs to get where you need to go immediately from wherever you are in the system.

No hassle tenant and owner accounts

While most of the top online property management software systems enable you to provide online account access to your tenants and property owners, RentPost takes care of all the hassle associated with setting up new accounts. When you create a new tenant or property owner profile in your manager account, simply tick the “Set up online access” box and RentPost will send out an invitation email and take care of the account setup process without any more input from you. A personal RentPost account enables your tenants to access their balance due amount and billing history, as well as submit property maintenance requests and send messages to you or their assigned property manager. Your tenants are even able to make rent payments to you directly through the account interface. A personal RentPost account enables your property owners to view information associated with any of their properties under your management, including basic tenant information, work-order requests, and current and past owner statements.

Terrific document storage system

RentPost includes a full-featured document management tool to help you organize and store all types of business documents for easy access at any time. Upload lease documents, invoices, scanned receipts, legal documents, word processor files, or virtually any other file you might need. To keep all your files organized, simply attach individual documents to specific rental units or work orders, or to tenants, owners, or other managers in your business. You can also create document groups to add another layer of organization. For example, if you manage multi-family properties, create a document group for each individual property to keep the work invoices, receipts, leases, and other files together.

Powerful search function

On top of RentPost’s excellent document storage system, the company also delivers a superb search tool that delivers nearly instantaneous results as you type your query. The search box is always accessible at the corner of the screen no matter where you navigate within the system. Searches are universal, meaning the tool reaches into every part of your account to return the most relevant results. You get immediate access to any property, tenant, or owner data stored anywhere in your account whenever you need it. What’s more, when you click on a search result, it opens in a floating window where you can check data or make edits before closing the window and returning directly to your previous software location. Although a tool like this tends to go unnoticed in shopping evaluations, it has the potential to be a very important time-saving tool in your daily work.

Solid accounting tools

RentPost delivers a solid set of accounting tools to help you organize and track all your income and expenses. Accounting is a fully integrated component of the RentPost software. Many types of receivables and payables, including rent payments and owner distributions, are generated automatically according to property, tenant, and owner profiles in your account. Additional receivables and payables take seconds to enter manually and are automatically recorded in the appropriate general ledger accounts. What’s more, your accounting data is easy to export in Excel format for use in popular accounting software suites like QuickBooks.

The Bad

Lacks vacancy marketing capabilities

In spite of some very strong capabilities and software tools, RentPost falls a little behind the competition because it lacks several popular and relatively common property management features. The lack of tenant recruitment and marketing capabilities is probably the most significant omission for most potential users. Many of the top property management software platforms deliver the tools you need to quickly post vacancy ads to a variety of popular websites, including, Trulia, and, among others. Prospect tracking tools and website hosting and search engine optimization services are other popular features in this category, and neither are included in the RentPost platform. That said, as of this writing, RentPost advises they do have these kinds of features under development and plan to implement them soon. In the meantime, RentPost remains a solid choice even without such streamlined vacancy posting capabilities.

No integrated applicant screening tools

Integrated credit, criminal, and rental history screening tools are very common among the top property management software platforms. These tools enable you to run comprehensive screens on applicants in only minutes right from your account interface. It’s important to recognize these kinds of screening services are provided in partnerships with third-party providers. What’s more, these services are not included in basic software subscription fees, but are rather priced on a per-screen basis. While it’s pretty convenient to access screening services from within your property management software, the lack of this capability is ultimately a pretty minor omission. After all, the very same tenant screening providers all deliver their services on a stand-alone basis, which you can access no matter what property management software you choose.

The Details


  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Monthly Minimum Fee: $9
  • Price - Commerical Property: $9 - $169/month
  • Price - Residential Property: $9 - $169/month
  • Volume Discount: 100 properties



  • Price: $9/month
  • Units Allowed: 10
  • Tenant Accounts: Unlimited
  • Colleague Accounts: Unlimited
  • Owner Accounts: N/A
  • Document Storage: 250MB


  • Price: $29/month
  • Units Allowed: 35
  • Tenant Accounts: Unlimited
  • Colleague Accounts: Unlimited
  • Owner Accounts: 5
  • Document Storage: 500MB


  • Price: $59/month
  • Units Allowed: 100
  • Tenant Accounts: Unlimited
  • Colleague Accounts: Unlimited
  • Owner Accounts: 25
  • Document Storage: 1,000MB


  • Price: $99/month
  • Units Allowed: 250
  • Tenant Accounts: Unlimited
  • Colleague Accounts: Unlimited
  • Owner Accounts: Unlimited
  • Document Storage: 3GB


  • Price: $169/month
  • Units Allowed: Unlimited
  • Tenant Accounts: Unlimited
  • Colleague Accounts: Unlimited
  • Owner Accounts: Unlimited
  • Document Storage: 6GB

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