Total Management Review

Total Management is a powerful, highly customizable property management software suitable for managing commercial and residential properties. The learning curve may be comparatively steep, but good resources are in place to make the transition as painless as possible. Total Management is a solid selection for medium to large property management companies with a mixed property portfolio.

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The Good

Highly customizable dashboard

One industry-leading feature of Total Management is the highly customizable dashboard which can be customized with any combination of their 11 managerial and financial data-driven widgets. Total Management provides the tools to create multiple unique dashboards, enabling you to group widgets according to content. This means you could create a unique dashboard tailored to the specific needs of a particular role in the organization. In addition, you control who has access to each dashboard, ensuring widgets that present sensitive financial information are only viewed by those with the appropriate permissions.

Tree navigation system

Total Management’s main layout consists of a standard menu across the top of the screen and a unique tree navigation tool along the left-hand side. The tree navigation tool utilizes hierarchies and clearly separates your properties according to property type. Separating commercial and residential properties in this way enables you to quickly access the specific property, tenant, vendor, or other financial information you’re looking for. The powerful combination of the standard menu with the tree system facilitates easy navigation throughout the entire Total Management system.

Software optimized for multitasking

Most property managers are probably used to being interrupted and have grown accustomed to performing multiple tasks at the same time. While many cloud-based property management software solutions only enable you to perform one task at a time, Total Management utilizes technology so you can open and work in multiple task windows at the same time. With this unique functionality, you can view and edit multiple properties, make side-by-side comparisons of bills, and simultaneously perform other common tasks, all without losing unsaved data in any of the open task windows.

"Walk Me Thru" guide for 26 different tasks

Total Management has several features to help users get started. Perhaps the most useful is the “Walk Me Thru” guide located in the upper-right corner of the screen. This guide walks users click by click through 26 common tasks. Not all of the guides worked perfectly every time, but they definitely help point you in the right direction. Total Management also offers a user guide to help the uninitiated learn the vocabulary and troubleshoot common problems.

Efficient customer support

In addition to the resources aimed at managers who prefer to learn and troubleshoot on their own, Total Management offers a variety of support options to assist those who may need some additional guidance. For example, every page on the Total Management website and every screen in the software features a built-in live chat tool located in the lower-right corner. A customer service representative is usually available and, if not, you can create a support ticket through the chat window or reach out to them by phone.

The Bad

Comparatively steep learning curve

Some competitive property management software solutions are designed to minimize the learning curve, enabling users to quickly and intuitively learn the system and begin performing common tasks. Getting comfortable with Total Management processes may take some extra time, as they are a bit more convoluted. Be prepared to go through the majority of the “Walk Me Thru” guide and spend time with user guides; otherwise, many of the primary tasks could take an unnecessary amount of time to figure out.

No owner portal

Having a dedicated owner portal provides an easy way for managers to deliver important property and financial information to owners. Instead of spending time on the phone answering questions or on the computer reviewing reports, managers can simply point owners to the web-accessible portal and get back to accomplishing management duties. Unfortunately, Total Management does not offer an owner portal. The system is designed to enable an unlimited number of managers users so you could create a unique profile with tailored access controls for each owner. However, if you have a high number of owners, managing these accounts results in extra work.

The Details


  • Free Trial: 15 days
  • Monthly Minimum Fee: $125
  • Price - Commerical Property: $2.50/unit/month
  • Price - Residential Property: $1/unit/month
  • Volume Discount: Contact Company


Total Management’s pricing is competitive, with residential properties paying $1/unit/month with a $75 monthly minimum and commercial properties paying $2.50/unit/month with a $125 monthly minimum. Both options offer a discount based on volume. One-time setup fees do apply to implementation, online tenant payments, online tenant screening, and custom websites. Utilizing Property Management’s free trial and interacting with the customer support team before making a purchase will give you a good sense of the quality of this product, and allow you to gauge the level of aptitude needed to become skilled in the software.

The following Add-On Services require contacting Total Management for more price information:

  • Implementation
  • Online Tenant Payments
  • Online Tenant Screening
  • Custom Website

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