Disney's Premier Visa® Card Review

Disney's Premier Visa® Card offers a decent sign-up bonus and multiple ways to earn reward dollars. If you have a Disney lover in your family, the redemption options will truly be magical.

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The Good

Sign-up bonus gift card

If you spend $500 in the first three months of owning a Disney’s Premier Visa® Card, you will earn a $100 Disney gift card. Most of the top rewards credit cards offer some form of sign-up bonus, but a higher spending requirement is often required. If you plan on using Disney’s Premier Visa® Card with any regularity, most people probably won’t have a problem hitting $500 in three months.

Well-rounded earning potential

Disney’s Premier Visa® Card allows you to earn points in multiple ways. Cardholders will receive 2% in reward dollars for gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases. Purchases at most Disney locations also receive 2% in rewards dollars. In addition, you will receive 1% on all other purchases made with the card. Points can add up quickly when there are multiple ways for you to earn rewards.

Disney-related rewards

Reward dollars earned with Disney’s Premier Visa® Card can be applied to a wide variety of Disney-related rewards. Some of these rewards include DVDs, toys, clothes, accessories, resort stays, dining at Disney restaurants, annual or seasonal park passes, and more. The redemption options offered with Disney’s Premier Visa® Card will bring a smile to the face of any Disney lovers you may have in your home.

Disney-related perks

In addition to the many ways your rewards dollars can be redeemed, Disney’s Premier Visa® Card also comes with some nice Disney-related perks. As soon as you receive your card, you are eligible for savings at DisneyStore.com and other Disney stores. You can also receive savings at Disney theme parks and even visit a private cardholder location at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland to meet your favorite Disney characters.

No over-limit fee

Disney’s Premier Visa® Card does not charge a fee for going over the credit limit, while some other rewards credit cards may charge as much as $29. The Disney Premier card encourages use at Disney theme parks and other vacation destinations where you may not always have immediate access to your credit balance. Knowing you won’t get hit with a fee if you happen to go over your limit is a nice feature.

The Bad

Annual fee

Disney’s Premier Visa® Card comes with a $49 annual fee. When compared with other rewards cards that charge annual fees, the $49 fee is actually on the low side. However, there are several rewards cards that charge no annual fee and still offer impressive rewards options. However, if you plan on using the Disney Premier card with any regularity, you’ll like make up the low annual fee in reward redemption options.

Stipulations on rewards

Although Disney’s Premier Visa® Card offers an assortment of Disney rewards, there is also a lot of fine print. Most of the further details are just clarifying aspects of the rewards, but be sure to read through the reward stipulations just to make sure the rewards you expect to receive with your purchases match what is actually offered.

Foreign currency transaction fees

Disney’s Premier Visa® Card charges 3% on every foreign currency transaction. Foreign currency transaction fees show up on about 50% of the top rewards cards. If you don’t plan on any international travel, obviously this won’t be a concern. However, for those that travel globally on a regularly basis, using a card with no foreign currency transaction fees can help save you money.

The Details

Rates and Fees

  • Annual Fee: $49
  • Cash Advance Fee: $10 or 3% per cash advance
  • Cash Advance Rate (APR): 19.24%
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Fee: 3% per transaction
  • Introductory Rate (APR): 0% APR for 6 months for Disney vacation purchases
  • Standard Rate (APR): 14.24%* Variable

Penalty Fees

  • Default Penalty Rate (APR): 24.24%
  • Late Payment Fee: Up to $15 - $35 (depending on balance)
  • Minimum Interest Charge: None
  • Over-Limit Fee: None
  • Returned Payment Fee: Up to $29

Balance Transfers

  • Introductory Balance Transfer Rate (APR): None
  • Standard Balance Transfer Fee: $5 or 3% per transfer
  • Standard Balance Transfer Rate (APR): 15.99%* Variable


  • Additional Rewards for Dining: 2% cash back
  • Additional Rewards for Gas: 2% cash back
  • Additional Rewards for Groceries: 2% cash back
  • Additional Rewards for Shopping: None
  • Additional Rewards for Travel: None
  • Bonus Points Offered: None
  • Rewards Earnings for All Purchases: 1% cash back
  • Sign-Up Bonus: $100 Disney Gift Card after spending $500 within first 3 months
  • Type of Reward: Cash Back

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