It’s officially January, which means it’s time for yet another Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. It’s a chance for tech companies and journalists from around the world to fill the halls and show floors of Las Vegas, Nevada, and focus on the latest products potentially coming to market in 2020 and beyond. And while “CES 2020” certainly has a nice, futuristic ring to it, the odds are good this year’s show will focus on some familiar themes.

Smart Home and Home Security: Working on Trust Issues

The line between traditional home security and smart home tech continues to blur, so we can likely expect old-school firms to keep embracing new connected options like smart thermostats, hubs, light bulbs, and more. On the flip side, expect to see more smart home tech pulling double duty as home security devices, especially for homes looking for wireless, one-device setups rather than elaborate, multi-sensor safety nets. No matter the approach, however, home security and smart home companies should definitely focus on addressing a key issue: trust.

A screenshot from LG’s CES 2019 media event.

The past year has seen numerous troubling stories about the companies we trust with our security and our personal data. From Amazon accidentally listening in on conversations to Ring (an Amazon company) sharing more data than some may be comfortable with to Wyze leaking customer info, it hasn’t been a great year in terms of consumer trust.

In addition to the fancy gadgets and aggressive pricing schemes, we’re hoping 2020 marks the year home security and smart home companies put real effort into safeguarding our personal info, as well as our homes.

TV Streaming: A Crowded House for Your Binge Watching

If you thought the TV streaming wars reached their height with the introductions of Disney+ and Apple TV+ last fall, we have some bad news for you. Things will continue heating up in 2020, with both Quibi and NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming service set to go live in April. 

LG’s OLED lineup at CES 2019.

Along with new streaming options, 2020 will see old favorites in new homes. After a successful run on Netflix, “Friends” is taking a streaming break before it resurfaces on HBO Max later this year. Meanwhile, “Parks and Recreation” will move to Peacock exclusively in October, soon to be followed by “The Office” in 2021.

At CES, expect previews of both Quibi and Peacock as well as additional content announcements for a number of streaming services.  

Game Streaming: Evolving as Next-Gen Consoles Arrive

Speaking of streaming wars, competition in the gaming industry is also heating up as services look to compete with and, in some cases, complement next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

A demo of Samsung’s The Wall, a modular TV setup at CES 2019.

Google’s Stadia debuted late last year and we can expect further improvements to the service in 2020. And while Microsoft’s Project xCloud remains in a preview stage, it’s safe to assume we’ll see advancements this year to go alongside the company’s next-gen consoles, including the recently announced Xbox Series X. Sony is scheduled to host a media event during CES 2020, but these usually focus on the company’s entertainment and TV efforts. That said, Microsoft did surprise folks with its Xbox Series X reveal during The Game Awards in December. So, there is a chance Sony could tease its PlayStation 5 here as well.

One clear winner in the gaming category: AMD. The processor company has long played second fiddle to Intel in the computing space (and sometimes a very distant one at that). But you can find the firm’s chips powering a majority of current and upcoming gaming hardware, including Google Stadia and Project xCloud servers, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — and their next-gen successors. AMD will also have a presence at CES 2020, and we’ll likely see previews of the company’s upcoming PC gaming hardware (and maybe extrapolate a bit to see what tech might also show up in those newfangled consoles).

Foresight is 2020

Whatever CES 2020 has in store for us, will once again be on the ground to cover all the latest and greatest news. Stay tuned for frequent updates from the various media events and the expansive show floors. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. See you in Vegas!