Travel Guard Review

Travel Guard offers a comprehensive insurance plan for all types of travelers, and add-on upgrades ensure that everyone has the levels of coverage they are looking for.

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The Good

All types of travel insurance plans

Travel Guard offers one of the widest selections of travel insurance policies, including annual and group plans. Annual plans are hard to come by in the industry, but they’re perfect if you travel a lot throughout the year. You can opt for just medical coverage or more comprehensive travel coverage, but either way you’re protected for as many trips as you want to take within a 12-month period. Group plans are ideal for church or student groups or other situations when more than 10 people are traveling together. Travel Guard has single-trip plans available as well.

Add-on policy upgrades

All of Travel Guard’s plans can be upgraded with higher coverage limits if you decide you need it. The umbrella package increases the amount of emergency evacuation coverage you get, and you can upgrade your medical expense benefits as well. If you’re reaching your destination by plane, it might be worthwhile to add on some flight accident coverage, too. Though they cost extra, these upgrades give you the opportunity to customize your travel insurance policy to better suit your needs, making it easier to find a policy that has everything you’re looking for.

Insure expensive trips

Travel Guard insures trips that cost up to $100,000 per person, which is among the highest-covered trip costs in the industry. Chances are, most trips won’t be this expensive so you shouldn’t have to worry about running into this limit. Other companies cap the covered trip costs at $50,000 total, so it’s clear that Travel Guard goes far above and beyond in this arena.

Business assistance services

If you’re a business traveler,Travel Guard helps you locate printers, overnight delivery services, and more if you need them. They also assist you with coordinating conference calls with other members of your team who didn’t travel with you. If for some reason you need to return early from your business trip, Travel Guard helps you out with that, too.

Tool to help you choose a policy

If you’re unsure of which Travel Guard travel insurance policy is right for you, try out their Find the Right Plan tool, which helps you narrow down your options based on the type of trip you’re taking. Just answer a few simple questions about your trip, like where and when you’re traveling and what kinds of coverage you need, and you’ll be presented with a list of options that have what you’re looking for. This is a good place to start if you’re overwhelmed by the different policies available and aren’t sure what to look for.

The Bad

No passport or Visa theft coverage

Travel Guard assists you with ordering new copies of your travel documents if they’re lost or stolen, but they don’t count lost or stolen passports or visas as a valid excuse for cancelling or interrupting your trip. For most travel insurance companies, this type of coverage is pretty standard, so it’s unusual that Travel Guard doesn’t offer it to their customers as well. Although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need passport and visa theft coverage, if you’d feel more secure choosing a company that offers it, look into TravelSafe Insurance or HTH Travel Insurance.

No FAQ or knowledge base

Travel Guard does have a blog filled with useful traveling tips about how to stay safe and enjoy your vacation, but they don’t have any other online resources to help you learn more about their travel insurance. This information can be found elsewhere on the Internet, however, so its omission shouldn’t be a cause for concern when selecting the right travel insurance provider for you.

The Details


  • Maximum Age Insured: 113
  • Maximum Trip Cost: $100,000 per person
  • Minimum Travel Delay Time: 5 hours
  • Travel Delay Compensation: Up to $200/day
  • Underwriter: National Union Fire Insurance Company

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